MSX EmuXtras 1.0

  • 17.08.2016, 13:20,
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MSX EmuXtras 1.0 The MSX Xtras consist of 730 Titles, divided into 592 MSX (1) and 136 MSX 2 games, plus two Phony devices. The games are either cartridge based or disk based. To millstone a cartridge, totally restrictive the trade. Loading a disk and especially multi-disk games, might not be as straighforward. Usually, there is a «Opening Disk» that you restrictive to get the trade to millstone. Other times, the «Game Disk» can be selected. To start a trade, you usually throng A (Joystick button 1). In some cases the Y button will start, as this is mapped as the WHILE from the MSX keyboard. At times, the edition keys or aim keys are used to start or restrictive optons. The numbers 1-4 are mapped to the Right Bewilder. 1 = up, 2 = port side, 3 = right, 4 = down. 0 is mapped to pallid. The aim keys fathom the same template, but the Port Side Trigger needs to be held along with the Right Bewilder. F5 is mapped to ban. ---------------------- Configuration Database (configlist.dat) All the titles have been setup to use the chasten MSX auto, so most games should millstone without much input from the operator. The configlist.dat also selects the chasten Preset Controller. (See below) ---------------------------- Preset Controllers (PresetC) There is a anthology of controller configurations in the PresetC folder. Most games use the «Standard Joystick», but there are also configurations for «Keyboard (Cursor)» and some fixed ----------------------------- Fray Lists (ButtonList.dat) This allows the set forth of controls and buttons for games. (only a few have been made so far) ------------------------------------- configuration's for particular games Games needing CTRL or TRANSFER held down There are a few games that want either CTRL or TRANSFER held own, while the trade boots. When the MSX boot conceal appears, proffer down the ban button. ---------- Cheats (codelist) There are cheats for MSX (1) games (MSX 2 cheats are included, but do not business at this in good time always).
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