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Material Boxing is the best EASY fighting on the Google Feign, with jaw-dropping graphics, gorged-blown employment, multiplayer with material prizes and intuitive controls. ________________________________________________ TELL OF ARCADE — «It’s called Material Boxing for a very adept rationality, and it lives up to its name impeccably well.» 4.5/5 IGN — “Real Boxing is an Artificial Machine-powered beauty“ 148 APPS — «Real Boxing offers a soothe importance boxing . It plays as gigantic as it looks.» 4.5/5 ________________________________________________ DAZZLING GRAPHICS & SAFE Engage yourself in adrenaline pumping in every way of boxing effectiveness thanks to jaw-dropping Artificial Machine-powered graphics, vivid change captured animations and see-on safe style. KNOCKOUT GAMEPLAY Hostilities using a mark of vitriolic punches and combos. Tip the odds in your favor with trade changing power-ups. Surface every jab, steal and uppercut thanks to intuitive and alive controls. MATERIAL-THEN MULTIPLAYER Become a challenger and make merry hundreds of hours more gameplay in the puff up-jam-packed Material Boxing multiplayer trend. WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Surface the adrenaline high-priority in Weekly Tournaments, featuring authentic and challenging rules, with a befall to win in-trade and material prizes. COMFORTING ARCADE TREND AND CONCEALED CONTEST Put your boxing to the examination and hostilities otherworldly bosses in Material Boxing’s Arcade Trend, or take your skills to the in someone's bailiwick in the Concealed Contest and unlock type new paraphernalia for your boxer! INCLUSIVE EMPLOYMENT Hostilities over 30 unparalleled boxers with their own adaptive boxing styles in a gorged-blown employment trend to become in every way backer. YOUR MATERIAL BOXER Produce and customize your own fighter with dozens of unlockable hairstyles, tattoos, and paraphernalia. Teach via a mark of mini games and announce adapt as you hostilities challenger after challenger on your way to the top. WINSOME SEXUAL FEATURES Come move backwards withdraw from regularly and win dazzling prizes with Regularly Rewards the Regularly Twirl. Use the Sexual Panel to compete with scores, trial friends and become final rivals. MORE EASY CONTENTED Make Merry plumb contented updates introducing new features, challengers and more – for easy! Stop In Like us at Terms of Services WHAT'S NEW The final boxing for quick! THE LATEST MATERIAL BOXING™ UPDATE HAS ARRIVED! «MIAMI BEACH»: energizing non-stop Arcade Trend with a type new way to feign the trade, new soundtrack and dazzling rewards! CUSTOIMIZATION SPECTACULAR: dispute out on the encircle with tons of new boxer skins, paraphernalia and items to unlock! NEW MINIGAME: feign and win big in the new Slots minigame! ANDROID TV: ADDITIONAL GAMEPAD SUPPORTER: feign using a wider scope of controllers