Extract: Occupation Outbreak v1.01

  • 17.08.2016, 14:37,
  • Games
About this flood: We are working on a fix for the 3G issues. Observation this shaky top-down 3D shooter inspired by retro classics and designed specifically for a brush mask. Clandestine ministry experiments on military personnel and POW’s have gone unacceptable, unleashing an outbreak of infected soldiers on the arrondissement nearby the furtively quickness. You simulate a hardened Not For Publication Military Contractor, drafted in to massacre the infected. Featuring a peerless one-think of power set-up, prodigious visuals, a multifariousness of weapons, four diversion modes, upgrades and more, Descent will destroy you away. Crush Quotes «It’s unsympathetic to manage any complaints about this diversion, and the only one may be that there isn’t more of it to simulate.»â€” 148 Apps “Extraction is one of the best downloadable games of the year” — Mobot «The controls have a so realistic on a touchscreen that the memory of playing it with a mouse seems almost archaic.»â€” PocketGamer “When Shortround Games talked of being inspired by Cannon Fodder, among other classics, I knew I had to get my hands on Descent: Forward Outbreak.” — TouchGen • DAZZLING VISUALS Descent has been built from the train up using a Fully 3D Apparatus to relinquish a unambiguously immersive observation. • EPIC ACTION Simulate through the mystery driven lone performer action that lasts 4-5 hours. Uncover the ministry furtively and manage out the essential reasons behind the outbreak. • MULTIPLE DIVERSION MODES Four diversion modes: Extermination, Set Free, Restore and Cortege. • SHAKY WEAPONRY Ten penetrating-powered weapons from the Wilderness Eagle to ultra-malignant Chubby Car Guns each with prodigious upgrades to unlock. Plus, four momentous weapons with intuitive power mechanics. • WONDERFUL SOLDIER Draw XP and waste it on upgrading your character’s armor, melee skills and much more. Become the paramount one man army. For more word or aid, please smite www.chillingo.com