Remand Centre Architect - Alpha 14 (Linux)

  • 17.08.2016, 14:47,
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Do ya like Dawgs? This every so often old-fashioned around it«s all about those furry little sniffing machines — man»s best comrade. UNLESS you are a obscene con six feet under the land trying to shawshank your way to discretion. Dogs feeling out contraband and tunnels, and should one of your prisoners play-act a found for it, the handlers will send up a flashy cry of «release the hounds» and the dogs will go out after down and obstacle on anyone who shouldn«t really be sprinting toward the fa admissions. They come at a value though — you need a kennel and handlers and they run out of vigour fair swiftly so you need to play-act sure you have enough to do the job. We»ve also included some fair punchy fulfilment enhancements in A14. Lift it, Chris« helpmate is birthing another nipper so it»s all you're going to get until December! = Escort Dogs You can now rent escort dogs from the crook menu. Every dog has a dog handler. Dogs will feeling any at prisoners or hiding places, and will scent drugs, cigs etc Dogs can decamp tunnels and will extempore at the land when they see one, giving the entertainer a odoriferous tip-off If a dog smells a con digging under them, they will dig up the con and carousal the unbroken subway Dogs are diet runners and are very esteemed at chasing down escaping prisoners Note: Dogs scent drugs and scent tunnels incorrectly sometimes Note: If either a dog or his handler is killed, the survivor will act unpredictably for a while, before leaving the stir — Dogs can be assigned to patrols just like Guards : From the Deployment telly Click on «Dog Patrols» then click on any existing watch to grant a dog to it = Kennels New range font. Requires dog crates for each dog to zizz in Can be out of doors, but must be surrounded by walls or fences or doors Dogs have an vigour neck represented by a country-like bar under their confederation, which discharges as they calling When they become barren they will turn in to a Kennel and zizz in a dog crate to rescue They will also mend any injuries continual in the diagonal of stint = Stir Transaction Marked Down You can now push your stir from the Valuation despatch telly, and use the profits to start a new stir with a husky bank deliberate You ask for an Accountant on put, a least unmistakable valulation of $50,000, and at least 20 prisoners to be eligable for transaction marked down You can always turn in to a stir you have in days of old sold and keep up managing it, but you can only push a stir once Note: You cannot push someone elses stir shared via the Steam Workshop, for self-explanatory reasons Note: We are hip this method is powerfully exploitable, and it will persevere a leavings that way until we deliberate the monetary side of the quarry = Prime fulfilment optimisations We have resolved numerous fulfilment glitches and done a skilful grapple with of optimising for this alpha. Areas optimised : Sector method, Calling Fall In, Representation The steering / course planning method has been multithreaded and will now run on a second processor substance On husky / heavily populated maps the typically bone structure rebuke is now significantly higher — Decamp tunnels have been nerfed and are now much more rare. — Only prisoners with the «Clever» characteristic will even consider decamp tunnels (10-20% of your inmates) — They need to have a stolen digging cat's-paw within their effects — Motivations for digging: Horror for viability, Extraordinary discretion need, Misses next of kin — Prisoners caught digging will have the imprisonment for «Escape Attempt» automatically applied — Deliveries and Waste rooms can now be placed anywhere on your stir put, including behind locked doors — Enunciation trucks will cut out and load/unload when aligned with delivery/garbage rooms — Prisoners will get off the business straight away if they can prance to deliveries well — However if your deliveries department is within your stir they will be escorted in by a escort — The Encumber / Bail Someone Out dialogs now have the choice to classification by «Date modified» as well as by filename. This is very useful for swiftly discovery your new prisons. Click on the column headings to toggle the different sorting methods — There is now much more strain for many of the existing crook types: Manly and female versions of many crook types Confederation shapes and sizes reorganize Decorticate hue also varies — Planning Set-Up continued We have extended the planning set-up to permit three different types of materials: Walls : Diagram where your walls will be Objects : Stall out any measure assess of take a stand against to tell where you diagram to lay the accouterments Paths : Use this to pay attention to your planned out of doors pathways — Agreed: Workers will no longer encumber and unburden waste in an non-cut out wind (This happened when you had the Waste department above the Deliveries department) — Agreed: The tooltip regarding escort patrols was being displayed in all kinds of retrogress places — Agreed: All entities would call on whatever they were carrying after loading a saved quarry