Keep Defenders Second Flip-Flop 6.7 iphone ipa

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Keep Defenders: Second Comber Epic Online Energy-RPG meets Prison Loom Defense: Fray by yourself or with up to 3 friends! Undertaking through a colossal throw, meet shear off, focus be up, conflict in a new online PvP vogue and workshop for tons of goods & services as you develop the strongest idol in Etheria! ★★★WHAT THE CRITICS SAY★★★ "Excellent, Mock-powered graphics; colorful & fun mix of energy, RPG, & prison loom defense genres; bar cooperative multiplayer.” Slink To Call Attention To (4/4 stars) «A whole lot of Terra of Warcraft aesthetics, plus stats. Lots of stats. Shear Off. Leveling. Bucks. Mana. Getting the picture? I kinda attraction Keep Defenders.» – Kotaku (Top 12 iPhone Games 2010) «It's a stupendous encounter, & for the right instrumentalist, it might be one of the best games on iOS of the year.» –TUAW (App of the Day) ------------------------------------------- *Console Nobility Gameplay and Graphics o Features beautiful HD graphics powered by the Mock Appliance 3 o 30+ hours of gameplay *Full Online Features o 4-instrumentalist Online Co-Op o Make against your friends with a 2v2 or FFA competitive vogue called Arena * Resounding RPG Mechanics o Settle Upon from 4 individual classes: the Contract, , Huntress, and Loosely Friar o Meet and employment pets online with your friends o Make encounter and focus be your heroes to focus be 80 o Pick-up and upgrade tons of shear off * In-Bowels Of The Earth Encounter o Set up towers and traps to terminate waves of the opposition o Design your defenses with your friends with expression small talk in the Tavern, then hack out it in-encounter o Swap between heroes to use 20 different towers and traps o Call Attention To survival vogue to see how hunger you can outlive and make paramount shear off o Exhausted brave missions where you have to in behalf of thrilling crystals or mash the enemies’ defenses! ---------------- By