Launch II: Children of the Seven Stars

  • 18.08.2016, 00:45,
  • Games
About This Plan The magical humankind of Aterra has been under corrosion by monsters for decades. The only ones who can second c campaign for against these monsters are “Disciples,” minor men and women ace with surmise powers of purification, and otherworldly Prominent Children created via the bonds between manful and female disciples. As a new pupil, it falls to you to develop Prominent Children with seven of the most energetic girls in the humankind and set free Aterra. A humankind-spanning romance filled with charming characters Model unbreakable bonds with the seven different girls and interact with other disciples of the academy in bid to establish robustness to rid the humankind of eventide. Summon the labyrinths with the girls of the academy The eventide circles are crowded with enemies and traps that await you. These dungeons metamorphose modify every sometimes you jot down, making every trek a new summon. Contend With alongside the heroines and your Prominent Children to freshen these places of the monsters! Hearten your bonds and develop mightier prominent children Improving your relationships with the female disciples will allow you to develop stronger prominent children. Use your sometimes at the academy to establish formidable friendships with them and model energetic bonds of make. The stronger your bonds are, the more energetic the girls will become in fight as well! Develop teams with up to 30 different prominent children classes There are a broad medley of classes for your prominent children to be. Each assort has different skills to guard in and attacks to use. Having many different types of classes at your disposal will let you develop all sorts of different strategies!