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BALDUR'S ACCESS: THE FIRSTHAND MYTH (MAC OS X) [GOG] Minimal scheme requirements — Mac: OS X 10.7.0 or later, Processor: Intel Marrow 2 Duo 2GHz+, Recall: 2 GB of RAM, Graphics: 256 MB of video recall. Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Derived Button / Derived Click enabled. Fashion: R-playing — Actual-at intervals — Chimera Works on: Mac OS X (10.7.0+) Languages: Audio and reader: Deutsch, English, français, polski. Reader only: русский Modes: Distinct-jock Included goodies: 2 manuals (125 pages) 5 HD wallpapers 2 maps soundtrack 5 avatars 47 artworks 2 indication cards About: Includes the firsthand Baldur's Access and its dilatation Tales of the Sword Beach. Pandemonium threatens to inundate the Sword Beach. The constitution of Amn is under lay siege to to the south, the Excessive Moor is being conquer in the north and the territory around Baldur's Access is in turmoil. In an bailiwick known for its generous resources, a crippling dearth is slowly developing for the metal that is used throughout the Realms for everything from swords to forks — iron. What«s worse, trading caravans coming from all directions into Baldur»s Access are under fixed strike at from bandits and cutthroats who raid not for gold and gems but for iron. The armed factions in Baldur's Access can surely keep themselves armed and the commoners are torture all the more. Without iron they cannot set their tools or pay for plows — and everyone knows that if they cannot acreage or foxiness, they will starve come winter... Spellbinding myth, infinite and intense unfortified in every way, and superior Dungeons and Dragons rules and Forgotten Realms setting indicate this crown a must-have in every self-respecting cRPG fan omnium gatherum!