XeXMenu v1.1

  • 18.08.2016, 15:30,
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XX XX XXXX XXX XXXX X X irc.efnet.net XXXX X X X X X X #team-xedev XX XXX X X XXX X X XXXX X X X X X X xX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XX Presents: XeXMenu v1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freedom Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XeXMenu V1.1 ============= * Added HFS+ vigour finances * Added ip adress info to the configuration menu * Added fell loading bear out procedure to generate errors on the veil while starting XeXMenu * Added some buyer skins * Improved ftp upload bowl along * Loads nxebg.dds and icon.dds even if nxeart isn't grant * Some other bugs immobile Ask «BACK» for complex help pages! Note: If you only get a disgraceful veil on startup try to obliterate the XeXMenu savegame known as «Unknown Xbox Game» using combination tab in fragment XeXMenu V1.0 ============= * Gametitle withdrawal from NXEART if possible (toggle) &#151; Games with more than just one XEX will appear up multiple times * Embedded FTP Server to move your crap presently from your computer &#151; Use xbox:<a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» observations-cfemail=«93ebf1fcebd3fae3»[email protected]</a :21 * Use FTP to read/write/delete your onboard bolt &#151; Only buyer flash/flash is able to do that! * Finances for all ground XEX files. Not just default.xex (toggle) * Shows the theme of any GAMES folder on any gimmick &#151; Use GAMES, APPLICATIONS, EMULATORS for auto determining menu on each gimmick * Divert between games/apps/emus in the determining menu using RB/LB * Auto calibration skins for most resolutions (toggle) * Different help for each menu * Use DPad to divert between devices while browsing files * Xbox1 compatibility apportioning finances (if exists) &#151; Xbox1 apportioning known as «HddX» * Alphanumeric listing for files * No more XEX auto patching when copying DVDs * Guide XEX patching for freeBOOT users * Configuration menu * Veritable XBox lay combination for the configuration &#151; Gamesave known as «Unkown Xbox Game» * Chose between different skins from the configuration menu * Finances for own skins * many more things we can't reward ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instal Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DWELL) Photocopy the C0DE9999 folder to HDD1:/Partition3/Content/0000000000000000/ ... or use the XEX kind FTP) To put a stop to the Xbox from connecting to Xbox Dwell you can set up your network as follows &#151; Use an IP adress outside your routers DHCP IP consolidate If your router use for DHCP you could use - Set up your computers IP as gateway. The XBox should be able to affiliate to your computer now but won't get access to the internet. If you have a second NIC just decamp a lineal family to be sure Use xbox:<a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» observations-cfemail=«59213b3621193029»[email protected]</a :21 to affiliate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red-Letter Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GX-Mod, everyone who donated ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Body-XeDEV 2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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