Xecuter 3 3029 bios

  • 18.08.2016, 15:31,
  • Games
Once again we are chuffed to explain the continued and unflinching bear out of our bios releases with the conclusion of X3 Config Endure Bios Establish 3029. There are many many fixes and improvements in this unloosing including a en masse overhauled ftp and http practice giving a unchanged ordinary fleetness of at least 10mb/s in all our bench tests. As you can see from the changelog there are many improvements to the skinning practice and also various fixes and changes as requested by our users. The X3 bios is the most forceful available in the locality today and we will further harp on that episode with the unloosing of X2 Config Endure in the next week or so. For now here is the changelog of 3029 - obstinate: DVD beau id ID — obstinate: Selecting dump skindir no longer crashes — obstinate: Speeded up ftp uploads by quite a bit, averages over 10mb/s on eleemosynary files — obstinate: Made entering the bios a bit more obedient so it has more epoch to init the controller — obstinate: menu color is now fix according to outer layer assignments — obstinate: tuned some XICS BIOS flashing timings to keep away from frags. — obstinate: Made the skinloader a bit more clement and instructive on what's injure — obstinate: Many different libretto http-download issues, also made it able of speeds up in the 10mb/s close — obstinate: Speeded up scripting-unzip by deprioritizing stretch productivity — added: Added + and ' to the not approved filename characters in ftp. — added: New outer layer alignment «N» ( means do not escort ) — added: "hddCstatus" "hddEstatus" "hddFstatus" and "hddGstatus" skinsettings for mortal approach stretch — added: hot in fanspeed setup — added: Made a way around the filesystem limitation regarding renaming files with only specimen-differences ( Help => help )
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