xecuter 2 5031 bod

  • 18.08.2016, 15:31,
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xecuter 2 5031 figure Features Pr Works on all modchips (that bolster 512k Bios) Works on Xbox versions v1.0 - v1.6b Boot All Originals Boot All Unsigned Orthodoxy Boot All Backups Boot Debug XBE's Macrovision Sanctuary Crippled No Reinforcement Gash No Reset On Extravasate Urgently Thrust Swap Gash LBA48 Hack* Specially Barrier Gash (Auto Detects!) In Design Reset (EMBEDDED) (IGR) — (LT+RT+BACK+START) or (LT+RT+BACK+BLACK) — Use IGR after pausing the design for best results Customized Boo-Boo ** No DVD Rom Gash *** No AV Radio Gash Media Gonfalon Auto-Patcher (All Versions) Conexant / Woolly / Xcalibur Video Bolster Clock Explore Skipped / Boo-Boo 16 Fix / Boot to DVD ROM even if clock is degrade Disable Access to Xbox Physical **** Disable Access to Xbox Physical (Extended Interpretation) **** *New* X2 Config Physical Features — Set debug fashion assign / disable — Set IGR assign / disable — Set boot pathway of dashboard — Spread Flubber Run assign / disable — Explore for DVD Rom assign / disable — Loll Xbox on Momentous Extravasate assign / disable — Set Dashboard Superiority (5 Options) — Set Xbox Logo Colors (Xlip,XlipHighlights,InnerWalls,InnerGlow,XboxText) — Xbox Physical Mod Enabled Hook Sanctuary assign / disable — Explore way clock for errors assign / disable — Set Flubber Colors (Dab,BlobGlow,GreenFog,FlubberScene,FogGlowStart,FogGlowEnd) — Set Then Flubber Run assign / disable — Set Flubber Run Arrangement (15 Options) — Set Xbox Fan Put One's Foot Down — Set Flubber in wireframe fashion assign / disable — Spread the TM logo assign / disable — Set the Flubber / Xbox Logo cv color — Blocking bios from booting DVD's (d:.xbe) assign / disable — Customize DVD xbe boot name (.xbe) — Set Xbox LED Color (rural,red,orange,run) — Specially Boot Logo (180x50 256 Color BMP stored on E: thrust as x2logo.bmp) LBA48 Barrier Modes: This value is now taken from patched byte at make good 0x1b04 0 = paragon partitions 1 = F: gets all () 2 = F: up to 137gb, G: gets loll 3 = F: up to 137gb, no G: Changelog [5031]: — stationary: x2logo.bmp spread bugs solved — stationary: the unpopulated rings design was not booting again ... stationary now (this design blows) — stationary: made run pathes a litte more not too bad, thrust insigne is no longer anyhow testy — note: LedColor also supports other values than the ones listed — explore out nghtshd's x2ool for more well-acquainted with led modes! And for those that suck melons for breakfast Razz ....... x2_5031_vOLD_512k.bin — older xbox versions v1.0 - v1.5 ONLY x2_5031_v16plus_512k.bin — xbox versions v1.6 and v1.6b ONLY Rom = «X2 5031 vOLD»,0x7007ccc64406042f16c5b2dc7e9c7b9d Rom = «X2 5031 v16plus»,0xa2a865546ea405f4d3b6448625d306f5 And no this bios cannot be split in half to be 256k and flashed to TSOP
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