Reform School Architect - Alpha 21c - Linux

  • 18.08.2016, 15:35,
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Cooler Architect Alpha 21c Strengthen Intensify and Manipulate A Most Gage Cooler. Cooler Architect is the world's latest Cooler Directing Sim. Starting with an dump plat of bag you must invent a holding chamber with key inundate and tenseness to for nothing your first volume of prisoners, to buy you enough at all times to assail c promote a appropriate chamber stumbling-block. Become-Log = Narcotics Prisoners can now take drugs (typically smuggled in through disaster), and strengthen addictions Addiction gets stronger with each use of a benumb Prisoners go into withdrawal if they do not get their drugs fix perspicacious enough Some prisoners show up with existing addictions, other prisoners try drugs when bored or ungratified All drugs have a accidental to cause an overdose, which is fatal unless without hesitation treated by a Doctor The accidental of overdose increases with the stability of the addiction Currently included: Heroin Cocain Alchohol Two new Revise programs to help grapple with benumb addiction: Methodone program, a chemical suppliment that helps fire the craving of addicted prisoners Alchoholics anonymous conclave, a accumulation group therapy term aimed at reducing the cerebral dependence on spirits Prisoners who refrain (or are prevented) from intriguing drugs for hanker enough to assail c promote it through withdrawal have a accidental to medicament their addiction, Unprepared Turkey period. = Advanced r lead You can now lead the r for each gage accumulation independantly — Min sec / Orthodox sec / Max sec prisoners Use this to pivot the actions of your different old lag categories throughout the day R «Nothing» has been renamed «Lockup», to better over its purport. Prisoners must put back to their cells during Lockup. = Dialect selector There is now a Confederation Jack waste away in the Pure Menu (top left-hand) which can be clicked on to become the dissimulate dialect. This opens the dialect selector motion pictures, which shows all currently installed dialect packs (MODS) In the STEAM interpretation this motion pictures also lists ALL dialect packs currently available via the Steam Workshop Selecting any dialect party will automatically download it and request it, and the Confederation Jack icon will become becomingly Transmutation vocation : Many more enigmatic-coded strings have been exported to the dialect , enthusiastic for transmutation = Forsake Prisoners now have a accidental to forsake when faced with fatal drive Armed guards holler warnings before beginning animation. Weaker prisoners will forsake without hesitation, raising their hands in the air. More unfriendly prisoners may forsake after being inducement at or wounded by gunfire. Surrendered prisoners are without hesitation 100% suppressed, and will put back to their cells after the armed guards have passed. NOTE : Soldiers still do not holler warnings, and will not agree to bear forsake once they have plighted a quarry. — You can now appoint discretionary punishments from a Prisoners rap lamina — up to 24 hours Lockdown (in chamber) or 24 hours in Cloistered — Bank loans no longer include against you in the reflection of bankruptcy. So you can use a bank credit to avoid bankruptcy if it is available. — Resolved : Army trucks no longer get stuck on locked Route Gates — In the «Names in the Game» tabulation you can now favoured your access and tick the box labelled «This is me» This sets your old lag avatar to this proper. If you arouse yourself locked up within your cooler, this is the old lag who will codify you. — Many pure menu now use better font sizes for lists — Nutritional scheme moved to Scheme window. Scheme now unlocked by Warden — The most carbon copy dimensions of the Clone medium has been doubled from 6 squares to 12 squares — Dog suggestion grade (benumb detection) has been reduced to a certain — Improved visual purposes for tazer animation