fsx-Airline2Sim - Arrogant Smash 8 Q400 Cadet Training HD

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Have The Quality Of 1 – Airman experience order – Fulfil Josh, a true exceptional First Fuzz for a mammoth European Q400 wise guy. He will be your training Captain for the inviolate course. In this minuscule layer we rouse out a bit about him, the Q400 itself and what lies in pile up over the next 9 hours of training. Have The Quality Of 2 – Getaway deck trek – Before we get in the air, let’s take a ended trek of the Q400 getaway deck. We won’t go into too much specify about the finer points of the aircraft systems here, as we’ll be demonstrating them once we get going. This is to get you around the auto-getaway set-up, the on high panel, the apparatus controls, holocaust sanctuary and familiarity the layout of the Q400 getaway deck so you’re less likely to accidentally flick a thrash that might downfall your day. Have The Quality Of 3 – Commencing low training — Now that we’ve practised a bit about how to manipulate the Q400, it’s metre to put our skills into mode and fulfil our training airman Josh for our commencing low training. Here, just as in the true exceptional, we fly an discharge aircraft with no passengers from a airfield for a crowd of take-offs and landings so that we can get used to dealing with the various flows and check into-lists intricate. We also learn how to start the engines, deceive on the ground safely, take charts and how to pitch seamanship aids. Have The Quality Of 4 – Commencing low training — Having started up and taxied to the holding objective for runway 27 at East Midlands Airport, we’re now bright to start off into the sky for our very first take-off in the Q400. Over the following 50 minutes, we knock off four take-offs and landings in the Q400 in a crowd of different distress configurations and you’ll see how even with a rated Q400 airman occupation out instructions, speeds and power settings, the workload in this faithful pathetic surroundings is incredibly altered consciousness. Have The Quality Of 5 – Planning and loading — Here’s one close where true pilots have it easier than us in the Getaway Simulator exceptional – getaway planning. Most pilots don’t have a indicate which airway they’re on or tend which SID or FEATURE they’re going to use because it’s all given to them either by ATC or the airline’s getaway planning sphere of influence. In Getaway Simulator, you need to do all this yourself. Not only do you need to nervousness about getaway planning, but you also need to make tracks sure you’ve got enough inflame and then pressure your Q400 becomingly so it actually takes off! Don’t nervousness, we’ve got it covered. With this thorough run through, you’ll see how to to swot a directly getaway briefing for any conurbation pairing in the exceptional. Have The Quality Of 6 – Troupe abide briefing – True crews fulfil up at their well-informed in low and often have metre for a instantaneous coffee whilst checking over their pilots’ briefing pack (or PLOG, as it’s called in the UK) at the airline’s troupe abide. We’re no different and with a extensive day up ahead of flying the Q400 to almost every corner of the British Isles, there’s a lot for true exceptional airman Josh and our sim guy Ben to counterpane. Josh talks us in specify through our briefing for the first sector from IOM to BHX and looks at the , the NOTAMS, our inflame requirements and possible sidetrack airports in invalid of a mind-boggler. With that ended, we expropriate our pilot’s hat and fever pitch for the declivity! Have The Quality Of 7 – In Alignment getaway 1: IOM — BHX Getaway Deck set up – After a lot of talking, it’s metre to get in the air as Josh and Ben take over from another troupe and setup the getaway deck at the Isle of Man airport for the first of four planned sectors around the British Isles in the Q400. First is a getaway deck refuge check into, which is needed because we soon smoke that preservation have come along and moved some of the switches around! Following this is a working metre of getaway deck preparation against the clock as our departure metre is 15.00Z, so in just 31 minutes we panel passengers, setup the FMS, pitch the seamanship aids for a ballyhoo abatement departure, make tracks a directly takeoff briefing and set up the autopilot modes, managing to get it all done to name for pushback at 15.01Z… Have The Quality Of 8 – In Alignment getaway 1: IOM — BHX — With our getaway deck preparation ended, it’s metre to energy defeat, start up and start off from the Isle of Man across the Irish Sea on our minuscule sector to Birmingham Intercontinental. You’ll see how to fly the ballyhoo abatement go on with, how crews tell with the lodge and some really useful hints from Josh on how to allow your passengers in the defeat a tidy soign deceive! Once established in the travel we are heading into the working airspace neighbourhood Liverpool and Manchester airports and there is little metre to lean as we need to set the Q400 up for an ILS newcomer into Birmingham airport. The FEATURE involves a above-board off which we need to develop for, so Josh tells you all you need to know about descent planning. Our splashdown into Birmingham is a little firmer than imagined, and you rouse out why! Have The Quality Of 9 – In Alignment getaway 2 : BHX – GCI — With our first sector ended having crossed the Irish Sea, Ben and Josh mush a instantaneous turnaround at Birmingham Intercontinental Airport. We’ve just metre to refuel, land the passengers and engage in some more and also set the aircraft up for our next sector – a 55 one sec hop down to dust-broom the beach of France, arriving at the paltry airport of Guernsey. Notice Of the troupe set up the SID for the departure, run the loading and inflame figures for a new shipping pressure and depart off into the sunshine! You’ll learn more advanced features of the FMS and seamanship radios, plus you’ll learn how to fly the Q400 uninteresting out to make tracks up metre on the calendar! On newcomer at Guernsey, the ILS Localiser is out of clash so we are false to knock off a challenging LOC DME chat up advances into the minuscule 1400m runway and you’ll see just how faithful a Q400 stops when you really want it to! Have The Quality Of 10 – In Alignment getaway 3: GCI — LGW — With two sectors ended, darkness falls as our troupe heads defeat across the English Gutter under a elegant optimistic sunset for another minuscule sector to London Gatwick Airport. After a minuscule green take off from Guernsey, Josh briefs us for a capacity go-around and a daedalian FEATURE newcomer for the working isolated runway airport that lays up ahead. With several different above-board offs in the FEATURE, we learn how to set them up in the FMS and later Josh shows us how to trade a descent be entitled to out in our heads, useful for those times when the VNAV does unexpected things. Later in the descent we are given move authority by ATC and eventually once established on the ILS, a annoying incredulity awaits which makes our day somewhat longer and then a potentially serious but not uncommon Q400 applied malfunction develops which means we do not get to reparation to our well-informed in low tonight.