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About this outburst: 10 Million Sluggers Worldwide 300 Million Online Matchups, NOW the End Homerun Derby Returns: HOMERUN DONNYBROOK 2! Go and better than ever, the lover veritable-interval worldwide slugger donnybrook has a issue! Turn Out to amuse oneself the best motorized baseball hitting round against sluggers worldwide. ──────────────────── **NOTICE** ★Owners of HOMERUN DONNYBROOK 3D can be paid especially designed «HB STARS» unvaried for UNRESTRICTED! **Receive the unvaried by logging in to your Com2uS hub account you used in HOMERUN DONNYBROOK 3D** ★This round supports English, 日本語, 中文 and 한국어 ──────────────────── **KEY FEATURES ** AMUSE ONESELF AGAINST ALL PLAYERS in the AGE CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS Gender, essence construction, abrade tone...customize them all! And stats and skills can be added with attractive styles, clothing, and bats. DETERMINE A AMPHITHEATRE Determine your Stadiums, Undefined and spectacular themes with heady chief-slams! 6 DIFFERENT MODES + DUEL : 1-on — 1 Union-up Donnybrook + SURVIVAL : Survival Union-up Notice Donnybrook +MISSION : Union-up with a highest of 4 players to Well-Defined Missions +BURNING : Never-ending throws blaze through the frighten, Fluctuating Blow Merry +ARCADE : Provoke on Achievements and New Records +TRAINING : Tradition and staff to be the all-interval Title-Holder PUBLIC “POWERING” NETWORKS Amuse Oneself more socially! POSSESS HAVE A GOOD TIME Community activities on Com2uS Hub, Chats during gameplay and Lenient contender add functions UPGRADED GO & BATTING HITS ──────────────────── Incline-and-one-allude to enthusiasm, pound up in HOMERUN DONNYBROOK 2! ──────────────────── ============= COM2US GAMES ============= — Come on Babe In Arms! Slapping Heroes — HOMERUN DONNYBROOK 2 - Third Knife — Piggy Experience — Do A Disappearing Act the Ape — Puny Till The Soil Contract by Com2uS — MiniGame Seventh Heaven — Gold Jumper — Meditate On Blood — Citadel Defense — Slice It! — Zombie Absconder — Chocolate Big-Timer — Inotia 3: Children of Carnia — 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 ============= ABOUT COM2US ============= Understand us! Meet Com2uS' Fan Period Tips and Updates com2us.com ... Demonstrate More What's new in Rendition 1.0.2 What's newly updated ■ 7 goldball purchasable items — Hoodies, beanies, ice bat, newspaper bat, and other remarkable tract items purchasable with goldballs added.