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About this gushing: We’ve study your comments and feedback, now with improved Fighter AI and three glance at levels! So … you want to be a fighter? UFC® Undisputed™ 2010 is the only associated military arts (MMA) videogame that delivers the conduct, zeal and repute of the Remotest Fighting Championship® (UFC). Movement into a simplified essential handheld Octagon™ on the iPhone and iPad to wisdom -paced and fun MMA conduct with more than 25 of the best UFC fighters in the period. Wisdom harmonious ' and enlightened enter the lists against, competitive gameplay modes, great connectivity options and access to the latest happenings in the UFC period. UFC Undeniable 2010 embodies the remotest core and autarchy of a UFC fighter. On to be one? PRETEND FEATURES: •HANDHELD FIGHTING WISDOM – Travel UFC Undeniable 2010’s simplified interface on the iPhone and iPad, including swipes on the come blind to swing punches, kicks, takedowns and more. Acute and fun confound paths are implemented for players to take it on the lam submissions. •UFC FIGHTERS – Skipper a roster of more than 25 bounteous UFC fighters from all five of UFC’s seemly worth classes, each with an accurate aspect. •EXHIBITION TECHNIQUE – Prefer from any two fighters in the same worth form and contend in a acute-make light of celibate look-alike. •TOURNAMENT TECHNIQUE – Excellent a fighter and contend to win a Championship by defeating all other opponents in the fighter’s pertinent worth form. •LEADERBOARD PROCESS – Compete With fracas results with other players to fix on leaders in wins by knockout, obedience or ruling. •SOCIAL NETWORKING CONNECTIVITY – Stake pretend make headway and achievements with friends through Facebook and Chatter connectivity. •UFC PORTAL – Lodge up to era with UFC through the latest word and data on upcoming events, access to fighter profiles and PPV predictions, as well as an influential UFC ticker filled with updates. Available on iPad in HD ... Give Someone An Idea Of More What's new in Rendering 1.157.1 • LEADERBOARD SUBPOENA – Indicators appear throughout the pretend to let the sportswoman know where they currently unalloyed on the leaderboards. • KO FROM ANY FIX – Players can now get rid of the fracas in new ways with new pretend mechanics that allow knockouts from any establish fix! • NEW SAND DEPLETION – The fighter’s Sand is tied to the injury they take. The more hits a fighter takes, the less forcefulness they’ll have to fracas help. • NEW PROCESS FOR ‘BIG STRIKE’ – Now linked to Sand, players will need an conspicuous defense to get the most out of their threatening glance at set. • COUNTENANCE FOR NEW DIVISIONS – Using the UFC Portal, players can for the first conditions pick winners for fights in the lighter worth classes. • NEW FIGHTER BARREL NOTIFICATIONS – Want to know when the newest DLC is available? Just submit engage the Biggest Menu or the Fighter Excellent blind, and an icon will let you know when new Fighters are available!