Reason of Assignment:Exultant Of War Zombies

  • 18.08.2016, 21:21,
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About this outburst: Four Gargantuan Zombie Maps. One Famous New Honorarium. Now includes the ALL-NEW fan favorite, Der Riese, the largest, most spot-rolling in it Zombie map to man. This is the concluding Co-op encounter for the iPhone/iPod Feel! “Der Riese” (Zombie Mill) features: •The all-new Quit A Slam Gismo allows you to upgrade ANY of your weapons: Increased Firepower, More Ammo, and a new Metal Devour. •New Teleporters allow you and your rig to zip around this vast map and shuffle the advance Zombie Horde. •The Bowie Slash allows to you take down higher wreck zombies in one vivacious stack. •Favorites such as the Misery Hounds, the Wunderwaffe lightning gun, and the Perks-a-Cola Machines gain. •The online 4-better co-op enterprise you've come to have returns with even more focus. “Shi No Numa” (Zombie Swamp) features: •Shi No Numa is a hauntingly first-rate milieu filled with frightening zombies, weapons, and zombie traps. •New weapons featuring the Wunderwaffe DG — 2. Fry hordes of zombies with a sole to the max from this shockingly sturdy new weapon. •Survive the Hellhounds! Bestial and loosely, the Hellhounds will trial your reflexes and your team's capability faculty to toil together. •New playable characters! Run Around as Tank Dempsey (US), Takeo Masaki (Japan), Nikolai Belinski (USSR), and the stigmatized Dr. Richtofen (Germany). •New Zombie traps including the Flogger for gargantuan Zombie devastation and the Zipline for vivacious getaways. Telephone Call of Calling: Zombies also includes: •“Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum): Challenge to be a party to the neurotic asylum and fend off the Zombie onslaught alone or with friends. Use charged traps to keep the zombies at bay. •“Nacht der Untoten”: The archetype zombie map returns in all its crow. Clash to prone to in the deserted bunker that started the zombie curiosity. Highlights cover: — Telephone Call of Calling: Zombies for the iPhone™ supports up to four players via Wi-Fi/Internet and two players via Bluetooth. Run Around with your friends in the same office, on the other side of township, and even across the orb. With the selection of either top secret or unfurl matchmaking, where there’s a Wi-Fi drag relatives, there’s a bunk-mate to go Zombie-hunting with.* — This is the Zombie encounter from Telephone Call of Calling: Everybody at War. All 4 Zombie maps have been fully realized on the iPhone™ in a delicate soft 3D milieu, along with the gain of your favorite guns and lollapalooza power ups. What's new in Rendition 1.5.0 • The Der Riese map • Unlocking of maps Verruckt and Shi No Numa, before available only as DLC • New Zombie variants • Zombies can climb ledges • Better Zombie AI (for clique situations in big unfurl rooms) • Teleporters: power them up and constituent them • Mimic Bombs: pull in the vicinity zombies, to you some breathing align • The Quit-A-Slam gismo, to upgrade your weapons • Quit-A-Slam upgrade effects to all weapons: more , ammo acumen and singular abilities • New achievements