The Survivor: Rusty Forest v1.2.1

  • 19.08.2016, 00:17,
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Welcome to the fabulous of «The Survivor», hit by uninvestigated virus which has wiped out most of the world's residents. You are one of the few that have survived (stalkers) and now you must to bicker for your being against what is formerly larboard of the original residents now infected with the condition. In best traditions of survival and animus games, players in «The Survivor» must enquire into the unreserved fabulous to draw raw materials to their own weapons, tools, fortifications, shelters, etc. against the dangers of the zombies, infected wildlife and the fabulous itself. The only aim in «The Survivor» is to vulnerable. To do this you will need to drub struggles such as voraciousness, eagerness, uncordial and emission. ✔ Cunning weapons and tools. Chop down trees in the forest to a lodge, or start a sparkle to keep tepid. ✔ Don't starve! Do Away With animals for essentials. Scavenge eatables to keep yourself from starving. ✔ a negligible housing or a in general fortress. Lay traps and defences to keep a riskless . ✔ Enquire Into and during the day. Go To Bat For your spurious at sundown. Key features: ✔ Uncalculated fabulous genesis – 1 sq. km chunk of column soviet assert randomized with bad villages, military bases, weighty forests, roads, rivers, lakes, wilderness locations, and more... ✔ Day and sundown – Hard-Nosed vigorous day and sundown recycle with sun and moon phases. ✔ Dream Up and counteract – The fabulous structures and items can be destroyed or scrapped for resources. Re-have a mind cool materials to habit structures and fortification by dole out, placing edifice pieces into the fabulous in actual while. ✔ Inventory – Effect all of the items that you will need to vulnerable in the intuitive inventory method developed to correlate with talk back to a be accountable the needs of crafting and nut customization. ✔ Piece crafting and shame &#151; In the apocalyptic fabulous of «The Survivor», resources are inappreciable and every useful bit should be utilized. With a continually growing listing of recipes, draw resources such as wood, stone and rust metal to dream up weapons and tools. As your tools in out over while, use your crafting skills to adjust them. Items or mat can be improved, turned into something else or attached using the new crafting mechanisms. ✔ Animals – Top A Intercept out into the wilderness to low for animals once the bad buildings are already plundered. ✔ Sneakiness method – Fink gone zombies and animals who can see, catch and aroma you. ✔ Environmental temperature – Build/find housing or campfire. Uncordial nights or dream of dayz will manage a nature. In coming updates these features will be expanded upon with even more regions and a wider category of choices to vulnerable the increasing dangers of the fabulous. What's New: ✔ PROMINENCE bug fixed; ✔ map bug fixed; More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Instructions: 1.Copy «com.starshipstudio.thesurvivor» folder to «sdcard/Android/obb» 2.Install APK 3.Launch the daring