Age of Civilizations ENGAGED v1.153 APK

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Including separated apks for Europe, Americas and Asia • Maps: — Dirt | [342 Provinces] — Kepler — 22b | [404 Provinces] • Orders are submitted before each around. The copy of orders you can submit during each around is meagre by your Moving Points for that around. • After orders are submitted, civilizations through actions in veer appropriate, which is randomized at the start of each around. • Map — The initial is the most respected zone in a enlightenment. If you be beaten your initial for 3 turns, your enlightenment will no longer prevail. If you arrest another civilization’s initial, you apply all of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive perquisite: +15% and an bellicose perquisite: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed. — Patent provinces are uncommitted. Provinces with color be affiliated to other civilizations. — You can ranking the map. To go cast off to the criterion ranking, image = «prety damned quick» tap the map. If ranking is other than criterion on minimap you can see «!» in top right. — Use the Conciseness and People buttons to conception each province’s Conciseness and People values. Use the machiavellianism button to conception each province’s p and engross in machiavellianism (see Orders- Machiavellianism Conception). • Resources — Filthy Lucre is added to your resources through takings tax, which is based off your civilization’s perfect people and conciseness. Filthy Lucre is subracted from your resources for military conservation, which is based off your amount of military units (units at sea have a higher conservation than units on homeland). • Orders — Sane Conception — Dodge: dodge units from one zone to another. You can dodge between provinces you restrain or set another civilization’s zone. — Induct: induct units from the selected zone. This costs filthy lucre and is meagre by the people of the zone. Recruiting from a zone reduces its people. — Strengthen: make a construction in the selected zone (see Construction Types). This costs filthy lucre. — Dissolve: unfasten units from the selected zone. This decreases military conservation. — Vassal: creates a vassal country with another enlightenment. — Annex: brings a vassal country cast off under your robust restrain. • Orders — Machiavellianism Conception — War: aver war on a enlightenment. — Non-Combative: submit a non-combative proffer to a enlightenment. If accepted, your civilizations will no longer be at war. — Understanding: submit a understanding proffer to a enlightenment. If accepted, the civilizations cannot set each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War appropriate one around in increase. — Combination: submit an combination proffer to a enlightenment. If accepted, that enlightenment will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War appropriate to let allies know who your targets are. — Punt: end an combination with a enlightenment. — Pay For: swap filthy lucre to a enlightenment. • Construction Types — Fort: gives a zone a defense perquisite. — Superintend rise: allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces. — Harbour: allows units to dodge into the sea. Units at sea can dodge cast off onto any homeland zone, even if it doesn’t have a harbour. • 186 Civilizations • Vassals • Offline and Online achievements • Offline and Online Assembly of Stardom • Google Temporize Misrepresent Services leaderboards and achievements! • Accidental placment • Accidental close • Accidental games • Scenarios: — Present-Day sphere — Present-Day sphere Robust — Sphere war I — Sphere war I Robust — Sphere war II — Sphere war II Robust — Tariff scenarios! • Three different types of fog of war: — Off — Criterion — Robust • Tutorial • Available languages — English — Deutsch — Learn — Russian — 中文 What's in this rendition : (Updated : Dec 23, 2015) • Zone names • New plot summary: Sphere War II — 1942 made with a fan, Jim K. • New: Sandbox rage • New: Borders • New: Distort of Enlightenment • New: Army conception instead of Conciseness conception • New terminology: Português • New terminology: Čeština • Ranking of achievements • New terminology: Nederlands • New terminology: العربية • New terminology: Italiano • Drug can distinguish Enlightenment in the Accidental Misrepresent rage. • New: Accidental Misrepresent -> Enlightenment • New terminology: 日本語 • New terminology: Français • AI improvements: Machiavellianism • New terminology: 한국어 • New:Scene rage Required Android O/S : 2.3+