Cut the Lash 2 v1.6.6 {Mod Money}

  • 19.08.2016, 01:17,
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BEST! The harm of Om Nom continuing in Cut the Lure 2! With new characters, new gameplay elements and skilled quests, devoured mellow was never so fun! Cut the Lure 2 brings new challenges and unexpected obstacles on the outstanding example, thriving physics line of work that has enchanted millions of players around the humanity! If you like Cut the Lure, you'll adulation the Cut the Lure 2! With new characters, new gameplay elements and, of course Om Nom, devoured mellow was never so fun! Model quests tuned in to win medals, go into the line of work and design unequivocal levels. Make Believe with your friends to see who achieves the highest retaliate or try the puzzles yourself! The Om Nom gets out of the box and begins an punt shining of surprises. It crosses charming forests, bustling cities, bicker yard and concealed tunnels always chasing his only objective — THE MELLOW! Along the way, you'll fit them Nommies, the most fluid assistants will attend our favorite immature barbarity in the unstoppable hound of sweets! NEW FINDING FOR RECONNAISSANCE! Research an interactive map and cut the lure in new areas filled with pleasant sweets. FIT NEW CHARACTERS! Fit six new characters, Nommies, which will help you on your punt. MANIFEST YOUR NEW HATS! Vacillate Turn Into the look of Om Nom, select your favorite mellow and traces that yield your fingers on the conceal. The OM NOM IN HEART NEW ADVENTURES! Satisfaction In updated graphics, well-constructed and gameplay. For the first moment, you can manoeuvre the Om Nom. OLOKAINOURIES SHIPPING! Bring all the stars and strategically placed fruit to model the lecture at each ferret out. FIT THE NOMMIES, THE INEXPERIENCED FRIENDS OF OM NOM! • O Roto can convey the Om Nom in the best spots to ensnare the sweets • The Lick can produce miniature bridges with his talk to help Om Nom reaches the aim of • C Dejected can elevate Om Nom in fun new levels • The Wriggle can fell objects, and pastries • The Boo can shock Om Nom to obstacle higher • The Snailbrow climbs venturesome on walls and ceilings and poking mellow to obsolete the • The Ginger can yearn obstacles to the Om Nom get sweets Do not unsalvageable moment. Far-Out surprises await you! Help him to get Om Nom his digs ... curmudgeonly the forest, curmudgeonly the pond, the mantra with bicker metal and get the big apple and further! What’s New: Roto trained him to be able to withdraw more substance Requirements: 4.0+
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