DMBX 2 - Mountain Bike and BMX ipod.ipad.iphone

  • 19.08.2016, 20:49,
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About this outburst: DMBX continues – featuring Mountain Bike and BMX action... in toto new levels and characters... new and more bikes... on one occasion and dupe challenges... in toto new physics... unexacting dupe-steering and much more! Please welcome the freshest Mountain Bike and BMX sensation for your iPhone, iPod measure up to and iPad! DMBX 2 is a mix of downhill racing and dupe challenges featuring 12 astounding & in perfect accord bike trails with up to 36 challenges. The field is split in a QuickPlay condition and a Business condition. It`s your decidedness whether you just want to go for a shrewd outing or repair your skills and unlock new levels, characters, bikes and tricks. Don`t peeve if your last day on the bike is well in the existence though – misbehave the in toto new tutorial to get a sensation for the gameplay and to learn the basics of this astounding field. Let's go constant and staged astounding tricks – that’s DMBX 2 Mountain Bike and BMX in stunted words! FEATURES — 3 worlds — 12 in perfect accord levels — up to 36 challenges — 8 idiosyncratic manly and female characters — 14 different BMX/bikes to opt from — idiosyncratic dupe setup — „career« and „quick play» modes — replay privilege — freestyle-training with — tutorial with — training condition — incline- or understood joystick seamanship — do as one is told to your own playlist — HD retina- keep for iPhone and the new iPad — iCloud synchronization — Field Center achievements & leaderboards — english and german lingo STOPOVER US – TREAD US – LIKE US – CHRONOMETER US – COMPATIBLE DEVICES DMBX 2 is compatible with 4th formation iPod measure up to, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad (3th formation). OUTSTANDING SEE If you occurrence any problems with the field or in state you have any questions or comments, please communicate with us straight away — keep(at) You may also communicate with us by visiting our website We will interpret and account for all reviews here, but we can only rejoinder and help you via email. Thank you. .