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Terrarium Upon v2.0 (c) Layer games Let Out archaic: 18/08/2016 Aegis: Steam Files: 81x10.00MB Lingo: MULTI4 LET OUT NOTES TERRARIUM UPON is a 3D drive-event arcade tournament with some coherent puzzles A spaceship carrying cat's-paw T.I.X. crashes. Adventures and remain aloof from with matter-of-fact enemies named «cybozoorgs» now start in the Terrarium Upon delighted To maintain the cast on the planet, figure out the puzzles and cancel out enemies on different levels. Do look into the world`s levels, determine furtively places, one and only artifacts and bonuses. Buy or determine important weapons for the battles Cat's-Paw T.I.X. is the luminary of the tournament. It is an experiential literati spy-cyborobot with different kinds of capabilities. The cat's-paw can coin a beguiling participants to interact with the territory, bring and look objects. To brawl with enemies T.I.X. also uses various bombs and firearms. It uses peculiar materiel to archaic levels Form and drive are the parameters of the cat's-paw. Form is reduced by wounds and increased by bonuses. Drive decreases during runs, jumps and deal of the beguiling participants generator but it is recovered during inaction Typically, levels in the tournament are tight and atmosphere-sized arenas with traps, enemies and coherent puzzles. To unabated a uniform and go on with the event, you need to present a tot up of individual tasks. The tasks are mixed and comprehend search and explorations missions to annihilate and cancel out, tasks to concentrate artifacts, and much more Features: 3 one and only planets Various locations with their own territory and organically grown conditions Interaction with territory The luminary uses peculiar materiel to figure out different problems in different situations The inhabitants of the planets have different behaviors Some of them are mild and dastard, while others are assertive There are a kind of planet event tasks 1. Unzip & Unrar 2. Connect the Tournament 3. Have Fun!!!! RIPPED: «NOTHING» NOTES Piece additions and fixes: Improvements — reconstruct your cat's-paw to vulnerable in these harmful worlds Tips — more tips and help added for a substantial tournament start The are many tight changes on levels and in gameplay A lot of errors and defects are put-up Gameplay will be much nicer and more tranquil now 1. Don«t dismiss from one»s mind to add an exclusion to your antivirus (if required) 2. Plan B Mask all tournament executables in your firewall