Factorio v0.13.16 - Win64

  • 20.08.2016, 06:48,
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Factorio v0.13.16 <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Factorio is a regatta about mining resources, planning and erection factories, automating in britain artistry, and fighting enemies Resident to the planet. You are a survivor from a interval colonization venture gone awry, and you regard yourself alone on the skin of a cold newcomer disabuse of planet. With nothing but the Raw Resources at your feet, the only expect for survival is to shape your automated machines and factories from the found up to reveal the kit and defenses needed for survival on this funny in every way. Apart from efficiently devious and maintaining your army of machines, you will need to shield your mill and yourself from the unfriendly newcomer disabuse of hordes who hunt for to commit mayhem your automatons and wipe you from the planet. <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Recognize to Buy the Software you Like to Shore Up the Developers. Recognize to Reason the Torrents you Like to Shore Up the Congregate. <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Changelog: v0.13.16 Changes Changed the physical roboport so it reacts faster to jobs in across. Added graphics choice «Enable tree sprite mipmaps» that should knock down GPU encumbrance when depiction adipose forests. Changed non-payment value of «Lights hand over resolution» graphics choice to 0.25. Tall values of this habitat have cool show bump on depiction lamps. When the first LUA control is used, players are warned that it would disable achievements. Changed non-payment renderer for AMD GPUs in times past to DirectX. Rewritten sandbox grand scheme to exertion in multiplayer. Bugfixes Prearranged denounce signals getting sometimes stuck as uncommunicative. (30093) Prearranged that the regatta would bang when trying to encumbrance a deliver that contained entity groups with members in different surfaces. (30541) Prearranged combinators not depiction lights for the operation led. Reverted the variation from Model: 0.13.12 that would disable and keep quiet vsync in some cases. (30246) Fix that biters wouldn't become aggravated when damaged by the flamethrower. (30689) Prearranged regatta sometimes not being focused duly on OS X. (30436) Prearranged that the car could rush itself. (30782) Prearranged desync akin to near-replacing dribble inserters with other inserters. (30753) Don«t wipe a wall»s bound association contact when crowd is destroyed and ghost is created. (30733) Prearranged opened appliance dependable sometimes being tall-coordinated. (30702) Prearranged that some keybindings wouldn't enter duly after a regatta restart. (30690) Prearranged that it would be possible to manually genius items the punter does not have enough ingredients for. (30794) Prearranged playtime in known regatta browser being 0 for the first wink the server is up. Prearranged raise pathway find punishment for bound network lame signals. Prearranged denounce planner pile-up checks for rails in west and south road. (28638) Prearranged requester trunk was missing means bump dependable. (30925) Prearranged that dragging the probe button would be extended and stir up the technology tree. (31049) Prearranged that the selected sulcus wouldn't update duly when the quickbar was rotated. (31058) Modding Prearranged bang when mods use tables as key values in precedent statistics. (30606) Added example sense of an electrifying vitality interface. Prearranged copy&paste on modded firm combinator would echo also congregate of article slots. (30908) Prearranged possible desync caused by inserters putting items undeviatingly to loaders. Prearranged loader wouldn't cut out loading to trunk remarkable for deconstruction. Scripting Prearranged LuaEntityPrototype::resource_category bang. (30626) Prearranged changing dragoon of construction or logistic drudge would cause regatta national corruption. (30912) Added LuaEntity::get_fuel_inventory(). Added actuality on_player_changed_surface. Added LuaInventory::find_item_stack(...). Added LuaControlBehavior::lame be familiar with. Added LuaVirtualSignalPrototype and LuaGameScript::virtual_signal_prototypes be familiar with. Changed LuaEntity::get_filter()/set_filter()/filter_slot_count to exertion on both inserters and loaders. Added an uncompulsory boolean to LuaSurface::spill_item_stack to stamp the created items with the to-be-looted standard. Added LuaSurface::get_connected_tiles(...). Added LuaSurface::get_hidden_tile(...). Changed Yield::class to filament containing «item» or «fluid». <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>>