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Cut the Hawser HD About this tide: ***Om Nom is jumping for joy with his new Toy Box! Now you can on to provision him bon-bons, donuts or cupcakes. And Om Nom has been making a closest behave for you, too! He has worn out and colored beautiful pictures for you to cut with your friends, but he has been so hectic fascinating bon-bons he can't retain where he nautical port them! Will you be the first to recover them all and get them promote to his gallery?*** WWDC 2011 Apple Lay Out Bestowal Conquering Hero! We«re proud to reveal that Cut the Hawser is the world»s first iOS competition to win a BAFTA Bestowal! Best Handheld Competition — BAFTA Awards 2011 Most Innovative Game— Keep Gamer Awards 2011 Best Casual/Puzzle Competition — Keep Gamer Awards 2011 Best Handheld Competition — Competition Developers Determination Awards 2011 Best Problem Competition — Best App Ever Awards 2010 A confounding carton has arrived, and the little monstrosity innards everted has only one request…CANDY! Help provision the bon-bons to Om Nom, the sweet leading of the competition, in this enthusiastically innovative and addictive problem competition. Combining due physics, devilishly risky levels, and clear colorful Excited Explanation visuals, Cut the Hawser is one of the most master and fun-filled games on the App Department Store. PACK QUOTES «Cut The Hawser is one of the best problem games out there that is more fun than anything» — Trevor Sheridan, App Admonition (4/5 MUST BUY) «We’d put it right up there with the best cool games on the App Store»â€“ Chris Reed, Slip to Carouse (4/4 MUST HAVE) «Cut The Hawser is centered around a glittering mix of true to life physics and cartoon slapstick, and it’s an unlimited delight.»â€“ AppTilt (9/10) I WANT BON-BONS! Cut the Hawser combines true to life physics, plus marvellous Excited Explanation graphics ,with unpretentious, yet exact and finical caress controls. Cut the ropes by totally swiping your interfere in across them and gather up the stars by tender them with the bon-bons, but it’s not always unpretentious. Think before you slice and be sure to shun the enemies and obstacles. Every be open is different and getting that bon-bons to Om Nom won’t be pliant! IT’S CROWD GONNA BE A PUFF In Cut the Hawser you don’t just need to provision Om Nom, in discipline to get apogee points you will also need to gather up 3 gleaming stars in each step. Some are pliant, some are deviously difficult; you’re going to have to use your fully to get them all-but be swift, some of these stars don’t disconnect around forever! Chicane uneven spikes that smash your bon-bons to bits, and look out for deceitful spiders mean on having On Nom’s behave all for themselves! LEADING GAMBLER Use a species of closest tools in your struggle to get Om Nom his bon-bons. Detonate bon-bons around in bubbles using closest air pumps, catapult your bon-bons across the guard to get to those intricate to reach stars, use unseen ropes and closest pulleys in your struggle to get every leading there is! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, INNARDS EVERTED THE BOX Pliant to learn and intuitive to carouse, Cut the Hawser is intricate to put down. As you move up, Om Nom will surge from one box to another, with more levels to get through. With each new box contains new and even more challenging stars and obstacles, can you manage it to the end? Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can see how they match to hawser cutters throughout the the public via online leaderboards and achievements through Crystal! Apple Competition Center help enabled! What's new in Translation 1.4 - A new Toy Box — OmNom drawings be — «Gift this app» button — Genius to shaft drawings to Facebook