Ziggurat (Update 13)

  • 24.08.2016, 03:53,
  • Games
Ziggurat is a lock-up crawling FPS, with procedurally generated scenarios and encounters. You'll phizog dozens of chancy enemies while you discover new and persuasive spells, and learn utilitarian perks in your pursuit to win out over this deathly try out. Update 13 changelog: &#151; Two new enemies: Slime and Unripe Slime &#151; 7 new weapons. Most of them are still in the works and haven't been suitably balanced. Seem freely to expansion on the forums :) &#151; 5 new perks. Their slated hasn't been haggard yet. &#151; Changed the way perks are selected on horizontal up, now you may have to elect between two upgradeable perks. &#151; The mouse should be trapped while playing on windowed look (only on Windows) &#151; Enemies on obelisk rooms can stop in withdraw from constitution items as in rational rooms (but not participation) &#151; Obelisks have less constitution on higher levels &#151; Anchored some ragdoll physics weirdness &#151; Should have improved scene a bit on definite situations &#151; Mouse buttons can be remapped &#151; Anchored some impending victory issues &#151; Balanced enemies: &#151; Carrots: Reduced danger value &#151; Mini Golems: Increased danger value &#151; Skeletons: Increased danger value, Reduced ardency worth &#151; Skeleton sentries: Increased danger value, Reduced ardency worth &#151; Bulwark skeletons: Increased undertake limit and rapidity (still even to scheme, but not as even as before). &#151; Armor and Flying armors: Attacks at details discomfited aren't instantaneous. &#151; Demons: Reduced their homing attacks tracking power. &#151; Cockatrices: Reduced a bit hit wreck. &#151; Ardency Mortar: Increased wreck limit. &#151; Anchored some issues with obelisk particles &#151; Now weapons are shown on the description details shelter &#151; New hall variations If you like the plucky, sustenance the developer, buy it! <a href=" http://store.steampowered.com/app/308420« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://store.steampowered.com/app/308420</a