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Red Dissension: Armageddon *Complete* (c) Nordic Games manumitting pass: August 2769 guardianship: Steam # of discs: 1 languages: EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/PL/RU/JP Half a century after the Red Dissension obstruction and their Marauder allies freed Mars from the remorseless Mother Earth Defense Coerce, agreement on Mars is again threatened but this rhythm by a deadly coerce shrouded in ambiguousness. When the ponderous Terraformer that supplies Mars with its Mother Earth-like air and sick is destroyed, the tone turns to confusion, wonderful-tornados and lightning storms engulf the planet. To open to, the Colonists skedaddle to the avant-garde mines and develop intensify a network of liveable caves. Five years later, Darius Mason, grandson of Martian Coup D' heroes Alec Mason and Samanya runs a lucrative charge from Bastion, avant-garde hub of Colonist job. Mining, scavenging avaricious labour — if the job is hazardous, Darius is your man. Few reasonable people now make bold to the ravaged outside, aside from contractors like Darius and the smugglers who run goods between the settlements. When Darius is tricked into reopening a inscrutable post in an old Marauder house of worship, he releases a big-lethargic depraved and unleashes Armageddon on Mars. As Colonist and Marauder settlements are torn asunder, only Dariu s and the Red Dissension can lay mankind. The struggle will take them across the tornado-blasted planet — and below it, to the very stomach of the unspeakable damoclean sword Red Dissension: Armageddon expands on the critically acclaimed, best-selling franchise with new groundbreaking challenges. You are humanity's last expect for survival This unreduced manumitting includes: * Red Dissension: Armageddon (utter pastime) * Strategy to War DLC * Soundtrack 1- Unpack, waste or mount 2- Introduce the pastime 3- Facsimile the cracked delighted from FORECASTER dir 4- Go To Tartarus! NOTE: The pastime is updated to v1.01