Factorio v0.13.18 - Win32

  • 27.08.2016, 10:09,
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Factorio v0.13.18 <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Factorio is a regatta about mining resources, planning and edifice factories, automating direction, and fighting enemies Local to the planet. You are a survivor from a elbow-room colonization attainment gone awry, and you declare yourself alone on the outside of a inimical planet. With nothing but the Raw Resources at your feet, the only rely on for survival is to your automated machines and factories from the soil up to hatch the kit and defenses needed for survival on this outlandish sphere. Apart from efficiently tricky and maintaining your army of machines, you will need to screen your works and yourself from the unfriendly hordes who pursue to ravage your automatons and elbow-room you from the planet. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Call To Mind to Buy the Software you Like to Reinforcement the Developers. Call To Mind to Germ the Torrents you Like to Reinforcement the Drove. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Changelog: v0.13.18 Changes Changed coach respite conditions to use guideline boolean importance for opinion, instead of a square heraldry sinister to right accumulative opinion. Balancing Increased tank make gun limit to 20. Bugfixes Stationary soothe attract prophecy not sticking through release-encumber. (31132) Stationary that conveyance make guns would presentation in the logistics insist on and inventory drain selections. Stationary when platoon spiritedness variations of essence-spawner essence is reduced. (31205) Stationary clearing blueprints didn't absolve the stamp. (28610) Stationary when removing entities that had hyperactive alerts. (31247) Stationary that sending incidental detritus to the RCON harbour could Factorio. (31185) Stationary GUI expanse issues with modded recipes that have a ton of effects. (30654) Stationary continuity errors with tense boils horizontal 5. (29724) Stationary the furnish essence not migrating/handling removed items it was gift. (30875) Stationary vocalize shout out settings not applying when crucial skip town. (30319) Stationary a that would chance after changing UI calibration with the inventory unsealed. (30983) Stationary deconstruction would reset the rotation value. (31466) Stationary text-paste between inventory sizes applying the inventory stipulation oddly. (31473) stationary regatta.regenerate_entitiy() not working at all. (31470) Stationary that it was possible to dream up an assembling make with zero force manipulation. (31465) Modding Stationary when trying to nail wires to entities with 0 wire family coolness. (31499) Scripting Stationary LuaSurface::map_gen_settings.shift not working. (31143) Stationary chunk positions would get improperly rounded instead of floored. (31092) Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior::enabled read/write. Added loftier limit to exactitude parameter of LuaGameScript::take_hot role. Limit for bore and tallness is 16384. Added LuaStyle::identifiable read/write