Assetto Corsa PC - Reloaded conception

  • 01.09.2016, 02:53,
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About This Willing NEXT ORIGINATION RACING SIMULATOR Assetto Corsa features an advanced DirectX 11 graphics appliance that recreates an immersive circumstances, electric lighthing and graphic materials and surfaces. The advanced physics appliance is being designed to produce a very graphic driving encounter, including features and aspects of right cars, never seen on any other racing simulator such as tyre unchanging spots, stir cycles including graining and blistering, very advanced aerodynamic simulation with lively portable aerodynamics parts controlled in right previously by telemetry input channels, composite systems with kers and dash increase simulation. Uncommonly blow-by-blow with choose competitor and multiplayer options, absolute licensed cars reproduced with the best exactness possible, thanks to the legitimate sponsorship of Car Manufacturers. ASSETTO CORSA has been developed at the KUNOS Simulazioni R&D chore, located just viscera the ecumenical racing periphery of Vallelunga, allowing the span to expatiate on the willing with the sponsorship of right earth racing drivers and racing teams. IMAGINARY TRACKS The circuits have been developed using Laser survey technology, in lawfulness to swear to the highest supine of exactness possible in reproducing right earth motor racing environments. Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Mugello, Spa, Brands Bring Forth and many more tracks, including the documented spawning of Monza, that brings again to soul the imaginary Sopraelevata, the stiff-streak obovoid where races were staged until 1961. ABSOLUTE CARS The Assetto Corsa physics appliance is all new, using sensible intelligence acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in lawfulness to mechanic the best possible exactness of physics and tactility of sensation. A physics appliance like this begs to be used with officially licensed contents: Abarth, Audi, BMW, Deathless Span Lotus, Ferrari, KTM, Lamborghini, Lotus cars, McLaren, Mercedes, Scuderia Glickenhaus, Pagani, Tatuus and many more! ARMS COMPATIBILITY Have ASSETTO CORSA using any affable of willing seal: keyboard, joypad, joystick, steering wheels including any affable of specialist seal and the most well-known tread systems. ASSETTO CORSA is also compatible and enthusiastic for triple oversee see, Road IR, 3D SCHEME and VR (WIP). GAMEPLAY & FEATURES Assetto Corsa includes a pursuit procedure, a directory of important and unequalled events and challenges, as well as a fully customizable, choose competitor and multiplayer modes featuring smart races, people weekends including set free procedure period, qualifying period and people. Draw races, mass challenges and much more! Four driving succour profiles (gamer, racer, pro, plus a fully-customizable a packet) allow any affable of competitor to have the simulation at their desired supine. Advanced setup options and telemetry for information analysis; electric simulation of the tyre rubber deposited on road, depending on the car laps; an adjustable previously of the day procedure, featuring sun arrangement prepared in realtime, depending by geographical coordinates of the road and by the sun curve according to previously and year, in lawfulness to get the same disclose conditions of the right tracks! MODDING & CUSTOMIZATION Assetto Corsa will allow for sizeable customisation and modification, in lawfulness to pacify the expectations of specialist simracers, gamers who select to procedure the driving encounter more progressively, and hobbyists who just like to produce and dispensation their cars and tracks, fetching advantageously of the same editing tools developed and used by the developers of the willing. Approach Requirements Lowest: OS: Windows Vista Sp2 — 7 Sp1 — 8 — 8.1 — 10 Processor: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Pit 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ Retention: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 10.1 (e.g. AMD Radeon HD 6450, Nvidia GeForce GT 460) DirectX: Conception 11 Network: Broadband Internet family Storage: 15 GB available break Into Pasteboard: Integrated Recommended: OS: Windows Vista Sp2 — 7 Sp1 — 8 — 8.1 — 10 Processor: AMD Six-Pit CPU, Intel Quad-Pit CPU Retention: 6 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 (e.g. AMD Radeon 290x, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970) DirectX: Conception 11 Network: Broadband Internet family Storage: 30 GB available break Into Pasteboard: Integrated How to induct the willing: 1) Download the willing. 2) Click on setup.exe 3) Induct the willing. 4) Mimic the files in the rupture folder into the installed willing folder tracking down. 5) Done. Have fun!