RimWorld Alpha 15 (Windows) [ENG-RUS] Repack

  • 02.09.2016, 00:26,
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I«m light-hearted to assert that we»ve just released RimWorld Alpha 15! This conception adds a side-splitting ridiculous tutorial, an percipient scholarship helper to help you pick up the ploy, a new sedative group, occult drilling to take care of resources in the end ploy, and a ogre down from of other smaller improvements and fixes. A intact metamorphose log and itemized info is below. YouTube™ Video: RimWorld Alpha 15 - Tutorial and Drugs Views: 43,484 Ploy situation: ludeon.com Adverse situation: tynansylvester.com For Steam players, if you want to endure with Alpha 14 for any saneness, you can get on the «alpha14» beta divide in Steam. In the Steam Library, right click RimWorld, click Properties, go to the Betas tab, prime «alpha14» in the trickle-down bibliography, and restart Steam. Non-Steam players who wish to update can completely download from the same download associate as before; it has been updated to the new conception. They should introduce the new conception in a clear emptied folder. Keep compatibility: As wonted, Alpha 15 will not stuff Alpha 14 keep games by dereliction. However, a consumer did put together a govern that allows you to manually update keep files with some printed matter editing. At it out here if you really want to try to endure that Alpha 14 colony. Mod compatibility: Some purely XML mods will be compatible between versions. However, most notable mods will need to be adjusted and recompiled. Look Out: If a mod designer updates their existing mod to the new conception, it'll a close updating on the old conception. You may wish to become capsize off Steam auto-updates if you really want to keep away from this