Translated Japanese SNES roms Portion 3

  • 03.09.2016, 03:00,
  • Games
This is my third whip-round of Japanese SNES roms that have been translated into English. I have done all the necessary patching, so there is no fooling with IPS or UPS files required. I made this because many people have problems figuring out how to spell their roms. Included with the roms are two emulators that I use, ZSNES (the one that I mainly use, because it has bloody low method requirements,) and SNES9x (which plays some games more accurately than ZSNES.) There are two versions of SNES9x included, the Windows 32 bit construction for XP and up, and the Windows 9x construction for Windows ME and Windows 98. I downloaded the patches for these games from [url[/url]. You can view a few more translated games on that put that I did not cover here. Per a non-gregarious bulletin entreaty I have included all of the other Gundam games that were not for the time being in my former two torrents. I was also asked about any other Wonderful Mechanical Man Wars translations and looked around, but could not view any other games for the SNES that were completed. There is a SRW for the PSX that has been translated, but this is a SNES rom flow. SRW 4 and SRW EX are nigh unto, but I am holding off on a flow releasing of them until more effort is done. The roms included are: Ball Bullet Gun.smc Cyborg 009.smc Dossun! — Stone Battle.smc Convolutions — The Kigurumi Endanger.smc Gundam Wing — Continuous Duel.smc Gunman's Proof.smc Sacred Agency — Dondera's Wild.smc Kunio Kun Dodgeball.smc Madou Monogatari — Big Kindergarten Kids.smc Mickey and Donald — Magical Endanger 3.smc Travelling Fighter G Gundam.smc Insoluble Stronghold 2 - Shiren the Wanderer.smc Somewhat Soldier Captain Moon — Another Story.smc River Burgh Pay-Off 2.smc Sanrio Area Smash Ball.smc Slayers.SMC Snoopy Concert.smc The Leading Part Fox 2.smc Tactics Ogress — Let Us Clasp One Another Together.smc Umihara Kawase.smc V Gundam.smc