Translated Japanese SNES roms Element 2

  • 03.09.2016, 03:00,
  • Games
I unfaltering to shred some more Japanese SNES roms. My first gushing is located at If you liked those, my third gushing is at Hey, this is my second whip-round of Japanese SNES roms that have been translated into English. I have done all the necessary patching, so there is no fooling with IPS or UPS files required. I made this because many people have problems figuring out how to shred their roms. Included with the roms are two emulators that I use, ZSNES (the one that I mainly use, because it has exceptionally low group requirements,) and SNES9x (which plays some games more accurately than ZSNES.) There are two versions of SNES9x included, the Windows 32 bit account for XP and up, and the Windows 9x account for Windows ME and Windows 98. I downloaded the patches for these games from You can consider a few more translated games on that install that I did not comprise here.. although I don«t really like any of the ones that I haven»t uploaded between this gushing and my other one. The roms included are: Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster.smc Gust of Flames II.smc Cu-On-Pa SFC.smc Cyber Knight.smc Cyber Knight II — Ambitions of the Terran Empire.smc Inky Law — Intention of Death.smc Do-Re-Mi Illusion — Milon's Quest.smc Jelly Boy 2.smc Jerry Boy.smc Juutei Senki.smc Royal of Demons.smc Magna Braban — The Wandering Hero.smc Non-Stationary Appeal Gundam — Piqued Dimension 0079.smc Monstania.smc Popeye — Allegation of Teasing Old Bag Sea Hag.smc Ranma ½ — Jewel of the Red Cat Gang.smc Shin Megami Tensei.smc Shin Megami Tensei II.smc Wonderful Gussun Oyoyo 2.smc Wonderful Puppet Wars 3.smc Tales of Phantasia.smc Tenchi Muyou!.smc The Violinist of Hamelin.smc Wonder Obligation J — Car Boy Pino.smc Ys IV — Pretence of the Sun.smc