Translated Japanese SNES roms

  • 03.09.2016, 03:00,
  • Games
Hey, this is my gleaning of Japanese SNES roms that have been translated into English. I have done all the necessary patching, so there is no fooling with IPS or UPS files required. I made this because many people have problems figuring out how to plot their roms. Included with the roms are two emulators that I use, ZSNES (the one that I mainly use, because it has darned low set requirements,) and SNES9x (which I downloaded to depict Fervency Symbol, which would not depict accurately under ZSNES.) There are two versions of SNES9x included, the Windows 32 bit variant for XP and up, and the Windows 9x variant for Windows ME and Windows 98. I downloaded the patches for these games from You can rouse many more translated games on that instal. This flood only contains the roms that I have in my gleaning that I depict and inamorata. The roms included are: Bahamut Lagoon.smc Chrono Trigger.smc Der Langrisser.smc Dragon Track Down III.smc Dual Orb II.smc Emerald Dragon.smc Feda — The Symbol of Justice.smc Closing Creativity IV.smc Closing Creativity V.smc Closing Creativity VI.smc Fervency Symbol 3 - Ambiguousness of the Symbol.smc Face Trade — Gun Hazard.smc Face Trade.smc Go Go Ackman.smc Lennus II — The Apostles of the Seals.smc White-Hot A White-Hot.smc Trickery Knight Rayearth.smc Metal Max Returns.smc Mystic Ark.smc Robotrek.smc Headliner Ocean.smc Wonderful Bomberman 4.smc Wonderful Bonk 2.smc Terranigma.smc The Corona of Heracles.smc The Story of the Undefiled Sword 3.smc The Magical Berth of Wozz.smc Esteem of the Rudras.smc Yes, I know there have been commercial English versions for Chrono Trigger and Closing Creativity VI. These are more on target versions and the Closing Creativity VI rom has a few bug fixes applied to it as well, (although I leftist in the legitimate old Vanish / X-Belt bug, I like that one.)