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Here are all the ROMs for the DAPHNE laserdisc arcade games. These are just the ROMs from the machines' suppress boards. The glad of the laserdiscs must be obtained elsewhere. Some of these games might not yet be fully supported by DAPHNE. ace91_euro.zip Place Ace '91 (Europe/Atari) (Italian/Elettronolo) 1991 ace91.zip Place Ace '91 (USA/Leland) 1991 ace_a2.zip Place Ace (USA/Cinematronics) rev. A2 1983 ace_a.zip Place Ace (USA/Cinematronics) rev. A 1983 aceeuro.zip Place Ace (Europe/Atari) (Italian/Sidam) 1983 ace.zip Place Ace (USA/Cinematronics) rev. A3 1983 astronp.zip Astron Thrash Sing (Sega/Bally/Midway) Originate LD 1983 astron.zip Astron Thrash Sing (Sega/Bally/Midway) 1983 badlandp.zip Badlands (Konami/Centuri) Originate LD 1984 badlands.zip Badlands (Konami/Centuri) 1984 begar1.zip Bega's Brawl (Text East) alt 1983 bega.zip Bega's Brawl (Text East) 1983 blazer.zip Be Featured Blazers (Taito) 1985 cliffalt.zip Scaur Hanger (Unremitting Electronics) alt 1983 cliffalt2.zip Scaur Hanger (Unremitting Electronics) alt 2 1983 scaur.zip Scaur Hanger (Unremitting Electronics) cobraab.zip Cobra Sway (Text East) Astron, Galaxy conv 1984 cobraconv.zip Cobra Sway (Text East) Multi conv 1984 cobram3.zip Cobra Sway (Text East) MACH3, UvT conv 1984 cobra.zip Cobra Sway (Text East) Dedicated, Bega conv 1984 cq.zip Cube Hunt Seek After (Simutrek) 1984 dle11.zip Dragon's Cave Enhancement (Hallock) rev 1.1 2000 dle20.zip Dragon's Cave Enhancement (Hallock) rev 2.0 2002 dle21.zip Dragon's Cave Enhancement (Hallock) rev 2.1 2005 eshalt2.zip Esh's Aurunmilla (Funai) alt 2 1984 eshalt.zip Esh's Aurunmilla (Funai) alt 1984 esh.zip Esh's Aurunmilla (Funai) 1984 ffr_conv.zip Honesty Fighter (Millenium Games) Be Featured Rider conv 1984 ffr_ded_R17.zip Honesty Fighter (Millenium Games) dedicated rev 1.7 1987 ffr_ded.zip Honesty Fighter (Millenium Games) dedicated 1987 firefoxa.zip Firefox (Atari) alt 1984 firefox.zip Firefox (Atari) 1984 galaxyp.zip Galaxy Ranger (Sega/Bally/Midway) Originate LD 1984 galaxy.zip Galaxy Ranger (Sega/Bally/Midway) 1984 gpworld.zip GP Exactly (Sega) 1984 gtg.zip Aspiration to Go (Unremitting Electronics) 1983 interstellar.zip Interstellar Laser Inventiveness (Funai) 1983 lair2_211.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 2.11 1991 lair2_300.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 3.00 1991 lair2_314.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 3.14 1991 lair2_315.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 3.15 1991 lair2_318.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 3.18 1991 lair2_316_euro.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (Europe/Atari) rev 3.16 lair2_319_euro.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (Europe/Atari) rev 3.19 1991 lair2_319_span.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (Leland/Spanish) rev 3.19 1991 lair2.zip Dragon's Cave 2 (USA/Leland) rev 3.19 1991 lair_a.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev A 1983 lair_b.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev B 1983 lair_c.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev C 1983 lair_d.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev D 1983 lair_e.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev E 1983 lair_f.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev F 1983 laireuro.zip Dragon's Cave (Europe/Atari) rev. D 1983 lair_ita.zip Dragon's Cave (Italian/Sidam) 1983 lair_n1.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) Beta 1 1983 lair_x.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) Beta 2 1983 cave.zip Dragon's Cave (USA/Cinematronics) rev F2 1983 mach3.zip M.A.C.H. 3 (Mylstar/Gottlieb) 1983 mach3alt.zip M.A.C.H. 3 (Mylstar/Gottlieb) alt 1983 roadblaster.zip Method Blaster (Text East) (1985) sae.zip Place Ace Enhancement (Hallock) rev 1.0 2002 sdqshortalt.zip Wonderful Don Quix-ote (Limitless) shorter alt 1984 sdqshort.zip Wonderful Don Quix-ote (Limitless) shorter 1984 sdq.zip Wonderful Don Quix-ote (Limitless) 1984 tq_alt.zip Thayer's Hunt Seek After Alternate (RDI Video Systems) 1984 tq_swear.zip Thayer's Hunt Seek After Uncensored (RDI Video Systems) 1984 tq.zip Thayer's Hunt Seek After (RDI Video Systems) 1984 uvt.zip Us vs. Them (Mylstar/Gottlieb) 1984