Factorio v0.13.16 - Linux

  • 05.09.2016, 14:49,
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Factorio v0.13.16 <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Factorio is a devil-may-care about mining resources, planning and structure factories, automating forming, and fighting enemies Inhabitant to the planet. You are a survivor from a rank colonization endeavour gone awry, and you on yourself alone on the integument of a inimical strange planet. With nothing but the Raw Resources at your feet, the only yearning for survival is to shape your automated machines and factories from the excuse sediment up to reveal the mat and defenses needed for survival on this unaccountable humanity. Apart from efficiently guileful and maintaining your army of machines, you will need to shield your mill and yourself from the unfriendly strange hordes who undertake to put an end to your automatons and eliminate you from the planet. <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Reminisce Over to Buy the Software you Like to Forward the Developers. Reminisce Over to Worn Out the Torrents you Like to Forward the Throng. <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>> Changelog: v0.13.16 Changes Changed the intimate roboport so it reacts faster to jobs in gamut. Added graphics privilege «Enable tree sprite mipmaps» that should lessen GPU burden when depiction mammoth forests. Changed value of «Lights hand in resolution» graphics privilege to 0.25. Apex values of this mounting have pessimistic conduct influence on depiction lamps. When the first LUA bid is used, players are warned that it would disable achievements. Changed renderer for AMD GPUs to to DirectX. Rewritten sandbox pr to effort in multiplayer. Bugfixes Arranged rod signals getting sometimes stuck as antisocial. (30093) Arranged that the devil-may-care would drive when trying to burden a keep that contained segment groups with members in different surfaces. (30541) Arranged combinators not depiction lights for the vigour led. Reverted the swap from Interpretation: 0.13.12 that would disable and flog vsync in some cases. (30246) Fix that biters wouldn't become aggravated when damaged by the flamethrower. (30689) Arranged devil-may-care sometimes not being focused politely on OS X. (30436) Arranged that the car could knock off itself. (30782) Arranged desync cognate to speedy-replacing sift inserters with other inserters. (30753) Don«t eliminate a wall»s border interrelationship when assemblage is destroyed and ghost is created. (30733) Arranged opened mechanism hale and hearty sometimes being apex-planned. (30702) Arranged that some keybindings wouldn't check in politely after a devil-may-care restart. (30690) Arranged that it would be possible to manually guile items the participant does not have enough ingredients for. (30794) Arranged playtime in manifest devil-may-care browser being 0 for the first bat of an eye the server is up. Arranged carriage means decision penance for border network inoperative signals. Arranged rod planner smash-up checks for rails in west and south bearing. (28638) Arranged requester coffer was missing conveyance influence hale and hearty. (30925) Arranged that dragging the investigation button would be protracted and progressing the technology tree. (31049) Arranged that the selected notch wouldn't update politely when the quickbar was rotated. (31058) Modding Arranged drive when mods use tables as key values in metaphor information. (30606) Added example explication of an stirring interface. Arranged copy&paste on modded immovable combinator would writing also reckon of notice slots. (30908) Arranged possible desync caused by inserters putting items right away to loaders. Arranged loader wouldn't cease loading to coffer patent for deconstruction. Scripting Arranged LuaEntityPrototype::resource_category drive. (30626) Arranged changing require of construction or logistic automaton would cause devil-may-care assert corruption. (30912) Added LuaEntity::get_fuel_inventory(). Added at any rate on_player_changed_surface. Added LuaInventory::find_item_stack(...). Added LuaControlBehavior::inoperative scan. Added LuaVirtualSignalPrototype and LuaGameScript::virtual_signal_prototypes scan. Changed LuaEntity::get_filter()/set_filter()/filter_slot_count to effort on both inserters and loaders. Added an facultative boolean to LuaSurface::spill_item_stack to standing the created items with the to-be-looted lag. Added LuaSurface::get_connected_tiles(...). Added LuaSurface::get_hidden_tile(...). Changed By-Product::transcribe to exert influence containing «item» or «fluid». <<_~`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_`~_>>