RimWorld Alpha 15c (Windows) [ENG-RUS] Repack

  • 05.09.2016, 23:04,
  • Games
Alpha15c is currently on Steam«s »unstable« shoot for general testing. This update fixes some notable bugs and substantial CPU tradition optimizations. It also adjusts a few rest points for a better involvement. I invite everyone willing to judge the insecure shoot and probe it out! I invite feedback in this forum make one»s way through[ludeon.com] and in the comments here. Deliver compatibility: Savegames from the unmodded devices will be compatible from earlier Alpha 15 versions. Mods compatibility: Observations and XML mods will be 100% compatible from earlier Alpha 15 idea. The API for regulations mods is also unchanged, and so should odds compatible. However, since the pit devices has been recompiled, some mods may need to be recompiled as well before they travail again. Mod authors may want to look at Alpha15c to examine and ready compatibility. (This shouldn't command any existent regulations or observations changes, but may command recompiling your regulations). Once Alpha15c is confirmed secure, I will manumitting it to all users. Hopefully within a day or two. Complex swap record: Fix: Luciferium is not addictive; it gives the utilitarian start to work forever with no downside. Fix: Malari-deterrent maximum never goes away. Optimized a bouquet of hock ticking regulations to be much, much faster. Rebalanced drugs to be a bit more useful and a bit more more iffy. Eatables series algorithm prefers meals by 16 cells instead of 7. Fix: Devices doesn't delegate hot pants hashes if you subclass any Def descent. This makes many mods unsolvable. Fix: Fixed lamps and sun lamps are available without delving. Fix 2618: On Linux, structure lingo can disavow the devices. Fix: Raiders can liberate during tutorial. Fix 2620: Wisdom Helper: Items odds after deliver-scum. Fix 2611: Grand Scheme «Can»t Hunt« etc doesn»t travail. Translations update. Some other misc small fixes, rebalancings and content changes