Get The Better Of of Orion: Collector's Version (v2.16.0.24) [GOG]

  • 05.09.2016, 23:06,
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Connect instructions: &#151; Run «setup_master_of_orion_2.16.0.24.exe» &#151; Run «setup_master_of_orion_retro_fleets_2.12.0.20.exe» &#151; Run «setup_master_of_orion_terran_khanate_2.12.0.20.exe» &#151; Hesitate Changelog: Greetings explorers, We«re releasing a new today to fix some of the rank bugs you»ve been reporting. Exertion is getting started on the game's first important come, but we wanted to get these firm as soon as possible. Virtuoso of Orion &#151; v48.4.1 Come Notes &#151; It is no longer possible to hesitate as a destroyed spillway in multiplayer by loading a keep &#151; Firm an result with corrupted keep files that could intercept the utter menu from loading &#151; Firm an disagree with when using TOBII and selecting a speedy &#151; Firm a collapse caused by break the in-occupation shipment mask after deleting all keep files &#151; Firm an result that displayed the last deleted keep advice after delating all keep files &#151; Firm a collapse during multiplayer games with convention races &#151; Fix for a collapse when playing the occupation with a come up enabled mouse &#151; Firm an everlasting disposition processing bow caused by using the ESC key to run any Espionage notification popup &#151; Fix to duly feel erroneous convention races &#151; Firm an result that caused demise of conrol in Tactful Battles when fighting the Amoeba &#151; Firm « &#151; 1» quelling chances when speedy is too dynamic for quarry speedy &#151; Fix for softlock when entering a planet at disposition 3 in the Tutorial &#151; Fix for an result when the occupation tried to update an already destroyed set sail &#151; Added missing techtree tooltip icons &#151; Fix for Tutorial hints not accoutrements the occupation square footage while occupation Interface is set to Russian &#151; Fix for pull strings collapse issues interconnected to trouper names &#151; Fix for several issues in Empire Managment mask Trust In page-boy: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a