Factorio v0.13.18 - Linux Headless

  • 07.09.2016, 09:29,
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Factorio v0.13.18 <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Factorio is a victim about mining resources, planning and construction factories, automating forming, and fighting enemies Intrinsic to the planet. You are a survivor from a margin colonization achievement gone awry, and you stumble on yourself alone on the exterior of a unsympathetic distance from planet. With nothing but the Raw Resources at your feet, the only conviction for survival is to increase your automated machines and factories from the tutor up to display the accoutrements and defenses needed for survival on this outlandish globe. Apart from efficiently treacherous and maintaining your army of machines, you will need to defend your mill and yourself from the unfriendly distance from hordes who ask for to trash your automatons and take off you from the planet. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Muse On to Buy the Software you Like to Strut the Developers. Muse On to Germ the Torrents you Like to Strut the Crowd. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Changelog: v0.13.18 Changes Changed bring up hiatus conditions to use type boolean rank for computation, instead of a homely formerly larboard to right accumulative computation. Balancing Increased tank gang gun extend to 20. Bugfixes Immobile calm enjoy example not sticking through guard-trouble. (31132) Immobile that carrier gang guns would grandstand a expose in the logistics entreaty and inventory seep selections. Immobile explode when several spiritedness variations of entity-spawner being is reduced. (31205) Immobile clearing blueprints didn't disburden the stamp. (28610) Immobile explode when removing entities that had vigorous alerts. (31247) Immobile that sending irregularly litter to the RCON mooring could explode Factorio. (31185) Immobile GUI extent issues with modded recipes that have a ton of effects. (30654) Immobile libretto errors with tiddly site knock down 5. (29724) Immobile the retail being not migrating/handling removed items it was sacrifice. (30875) Immobile enunciate settings not applying when compelling discharge. (30319) Immobile a explode that would materialize after changing UI diminish with the inventory glaring. (30983) Immobile deconstruction would reset the increase rotation value. (31466) Immobile reproduce-paste between inventory sizes applying the inventory provision oddly. (31473) immobile victim.regenerate_entitiy() not working at all. (31470) Immobile that it was possible to fabricate an assembling gang with zero liveliness form. (31465) Modding Immobile explode when trying to chain wires to entities with 0 wire bearing detach. (31499) Scripting Immobile LuaSurface::map_gen_settings.shift not working. (31143) Immobile chunk positions would get improperly rounded instead of floored. (31092) Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior::enabled read/write. Added more elevated limit to proposal parameter of LuaGameScript::take_hot role. Limit for span and high point is 16384. Added LuaStyle::patent read/write