Factorio v0.14.1 - Linux64

  • 11.09.2016, 12:34,
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Factorio v0.14.1 <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Factorio is a line of work about mining resources, planning and erection factories, automating end result, and fighting enemies Original to the planet. You are a survivor from a break colonization attainment gone awry, and you deal yourself alone on the covering of a militant non-original planet. With nothing but the Raw Resources at your feet, the only confidence for survival is to physique your automated machines and factories from the instruct up to supply the materiel and defenses needed for survival on this unaccountable midwife precisely. Apart from efficiently underhanded and maintaining your army of machines, you will need to care for your plant and yourself from the unfriendly non-original hordes who hunt for to undermine your automatons and shift you from the planet. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Keep In Mind to Buy the Software you Like to Subsidize the Developers. Keep In Mind to Kernel the Torrents you Like to Subsidize the Burst With. <<~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~>> Late Changelog: Construction: 0.14.1 Swain: 26. 08. 2016 Bugfixes: &#151; Undeviating that exiting hosting line of work could stuck Factorio forever. &#151; Possible fix line of work not showing in scan line of work schedule. (If it happens anyway, we will have more info) &#151; Undeviating that a very big edition of biters on a map could cause very important UPS renounce. (https://forums.factorio.com/31278) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Construction: 0.14.0 Swain: 26. 08. 2016 Features: &#151; Undeviating multiplayer 1) Internal reliability and lasting quality improvements. 2) Players don't have to postponed for other clients to download and heap the line of work. 3) Decreased network trafic. 4) It is possible to use menu and desert the line of work when connecting to the line of work. 5) Server doesn't stop/slow down the line of work when some shopper is too out of it, stops communicating or saves the line of work longer than the server. 6) Players automatically desert line of work after 3 desyncs. 7) Download hasten tweaks. &#151; Added /team possess that messages all players from the same pressure. Trifling Features: &#151; When selecting inventory filters the run is automatically set to the element in the cursor if any. Changes: &#151; Crippled loading of saves before 0.11.0 construction (You can use 0.11.22 to heap older saves and re-release them). &#151; Removed the choice to enable/disable latency hiding, it is always on on clients (and off on the server). Bugfixes: &#151; Factorio shouldn't drive anymore when Direct3D ruse is abandoned due to locking sift or entering drop fashion. Modding: &#151; Added subsidize for materiel grids in cars, tanks, locomotives, and trainload wagons. &#151; Changed materiel grids to employment as protoypes: defined and referenced by things that use them. &#151; Changed materiel and materiel grids to have categories that establish what materiel can go in what materiel grid. Scripting: &#151; Undeviating line of work stick when an misconduct was thrown during the competitor leftist line of work actuality. &#151; Removed LuaItemStack::has_grid. &#151; Removed LuaItemPrototype::equipment_grid_size. &#151; Changed LauItemStack::grid to redress nil if the element doesn't have a grid. &#151; Added LuaItemPrototype::equipment_grid. &#151; Added LuaEntity::grid study. &#151; Added Added LuaEquipmentGridPrototype. &#151; Added LuaEquipmentGrid::analogue study. &#151; Added LuaEquipmentPrototype::equipment_categories study. &#151; Added LauForce::unchart_chunk()