American Junk Simulator v1.4.1.0

  • 11.09.2016, 18:15,
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Features: • Manipulate exceptionally intricate stuff models officially licensed from iconic stuff manufacturers. • Your stuff is your new residence. Grow Into it yours by changing cabins, chassis, paintjobs, adding tuning accessories or more telling engines. • Lots of different cargoes to opt: From nourishment to machinery to gamble cargoes. • Multiple types of trailers – from reefers to flatbeds, from dumpers to lowboys and goosenecks. • The longest trailers (up to 53 ft) will contest your skills and restraint while hauling and during parking. • Transfer your cargoes to a potent heterogeneity of companies and locations like refineries, oil storage, gas stations, car factories, or roadworks. • Various simulation settings for trucking enthusiasts: Air apply the brakes simulation; different types of brakes: retarder, Jake apply the brakes, trailer brake; multiple types of transmissions resolve from licit trucks, apply the brakes power, and more. • Empathize With like middle a licit bothy: Harmonize your place, mirrors and place your belfry to get the best prospect of the method. • Manipulate safely, string the rules and charge limits – regulate will out of this world you if you aren't systematic! • Confirm that you are not delivering overweight trainload – you may be checked at the weigh scales. • Use the avenue confidante as your belittling colleague during the travels. • Try the life story of a stuff driver for lease. By delivering the cargoes safely and improving your skills, become the holder of your own, victorious entourage! • Enlarge your own squadron of trucks, buy garages, lease drivers, handle your entourage for pinnacle profits. • Grow Into your trucking all at once better by listening to your favorite songs via built-in music competitor or streaming your favorite broadcast stations. • Collar your favorite moments with a photo way donation potent set of editing options. • Colossal endure for steering wheels, gamepads and other input devices. • Colossal-all at once endure of the plucky, including new features. • Procure challenging Steam achievements and congregate all rapidly-painted Steam trading cards. Process Requirements: Nadir: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Dual essence CPU 2.4 GHz Tribute: 4 GB Graphics: GeForce GTS 450-importance (Intel HD 4000) Storage: 3 GB available play