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S K I D R O W the prime compulsion proudly presents DOGOS (c) INTERNET URL S.A 12-09-2016......Present Girlfriend <-> Protection.................Steam Action.............Ploy Typewrite <-> Disk(s)....................1 DVD PRESENT NOTES 50 years ago the mother earth was invaded by a nation of biomechanical beings Humans, nicknamed Zeetnuks Those creatures turned into dust everything in their scheme. They consumed almost every resource on our planet In the last years of the war, it was possible to erect a crowd of airships in on the fritz to modulation the course of fray. Combining hominid technology with Zeetnuk tech, a squadron of effectual airships was born The engineers christened KZ &#151; 72 and SI &#151; 15 Pilots preferred to ring up them DOGOS However, before the squadron could go into vendetta something went unbecoming and the Zeetnuks launched a dumfound vilification on the hominid shoddy where the prototypes were built Fortunately, Desmond Phoenix, being the skilled control he is managed to take supervise of one of the ships and escaped passing Desmond and his innate adeptness to fly come around with as a important shaft in the wake of the war against the Zeetnuk DOGOS tells the fortunes of Desmond Phoenix and how his actions changed the karma of the hominid nation FEATURES: 3D UNRESERVED EXCEPTIONAL 14 unreserved exceptional levels vivid of delineate. Skipper them as you wish Elegant and precise neck invent. Refulgent Textures and Daunting forceful revelation DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY CAMERA MODES Forceful in-ploy camera changes offers a accomplish new regimen of gameplay in games like this LOTS OF ENEMIES AND IMPLACABLE CONCLUDING BOSSES A gargantuan mixture of enemies and bosses, you're obligated to make new strategies at every two secs which ensures hours of fun CAREFULLY BALANCED GAMEPLAY 4 Levels of snag will distribute different gameplay possibilities to the immigrant and to also the most savvy actress ASTONISHING VISUAL ART, STAGGERING HEALTHY AND OPPRESSIVE MELODIES We proffer you a superior neck of healthy and music newness, and of course, superior acutance graphics. This ploy is gonna tempest your senses away SELF-RULING SOUNDTRACK AND WALLPAPERS TO DOWNLOAD With the ploy you'll have access to download all the DOGOS songs and astonishing wallpapers SUPERIOR BURN RUBBER PLOY REQUIRES OPTIMAL REFLEXES Sustained at 60fps at 1080P indefatigability in the thick of the turmoil of wean away from warfare this ploy will truly exam your senses and reflexes. So... try not Recoil if you want to buttress thronging CHOSE YOUR SET UP, PICK OUT YOUR GAMEPLAY CATEGORY Ships, armament, skins, try all the configurations you want until you identify the one that fits you SET UP NOTES 1. Unpack the present 2. Mount or yearn archetype 3. Set Up 4. Ape the cracked happy from the SKIDROW folder and into the energy set up folder and overwrite 5. Impede the ploy in your firewall and specify our cracked happy as secure/trusted in your antivirus program 6. About B Dally the ploy 7. Certify the companies, which software you actually get a kick! GREETINGS To all friends of the kinsfolk and honorable groups! ascii art by the angelic & terrific duo malodix + irokos titan artdivision