Superb of Porncraft - Whorelords of Draenor v2.0.2

  • 22.09.2016, 20:10,
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Unloosing antiquated: 2016 Censorship: No Ideal: 2.0.2 Interaction Deception : English About this flood:: Epoch of Porncraft: The Whorelords of Draenor — is an innovational surreptitiousness RPG make a laughing-stock of of the epoch-honoured MMORPG Epoch of Warcraft. Actions take livelihood in the option authenticity that differs from the primordial flourishing intrigue. Whorelords of Draenor — is the first adventure of the planned series of games Epoch of Porncraft. The absolute diva, The Sylvanas Windrunner, accidentally finds herself at the plot access of the fossilized clans in Azeroth. Orcish clans invade our epoch from the far-fetched late in systematize to beat the whole Azeroth, to require all the races on their knees and disobediently their females into sex slaves. Changelog Ideal 2.0.2: Gameplay: — New Sex Encounter Set-Up (fully updated battles appliance, sex attacks/defends and new 3D suggestive junk) — All the levels in the deception are redrawn in Parallax Mapping (extremely make tracks and over-nice look) — Optimized deception appliance and enemies AI algorithms (x3 more deception make tracks compared to 1.2.1, up to 60fps + very ingenious orcs =) — Saturated mouse bolstering in encounter, skills menu, epoch and the XXX gallery and reworked GUI — Updated training levels — New mechanics: the lattice stops enemies — New surreptitiousness Matrix import (secret make tracks increased) Peace: — Updated HD ideal of the absolute brand (so far, only in encounter) — New brand, the mademoiselle-orc trainer (can instil you overt, if is defeated) — New XXX events: (hardcore anal in the Intro and DP gangr*pe in last levels) — New quests: Orcs Alcoholics Anonymous, Surreptitiousness Trainer, Decease of Rabbits, Progenitive Revolt and Call In of C'Thun — New locations: Wading Pool, Alchemy Lab and the Undead windpass — New weapons set-up — New disenchanter & vendor npc — New marauder «you lose» XXX spirit — New abilities, potions, herbs, npc and much more