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Eric Clapton — Wonderful Tonight — Persevere Dolby Pro LogicII 384kbs.mp4Eric Clapton — Wonderful Tonight — Persevere Dolby Pro LogicII 384kbs.mp4Eric Clapton — Wonderful Tonight — Persevere Dolby Pro LogicII 384kbs.mp4

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«Wonderful Tonight» is a Dearest ballad written by Eric Clapton. It was included on Clapton«s 1977 album Slowhand. Clapton wrote the prevarication about Pattie Boyd, and it is mentioned in her autobiographical words Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me. Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me – or Wonderful Today: The Autobiography, as it was titled in the Synergetic Sphere Of Influence – is the 2007 autobiography of former create exemplar turned photographer Pattie Boyd, written with Penny Junor. Day One with her infancy in Kenya, Wonderful Tonight covers Boyd»s modelling m in London during the 1960s, her federation and to Beatle George Harrison and later federation and of Harrison«s best patron, Eric Clapton. The book»s interest is in specification to Clapton's 1977 prevarication, «Wonderful Tonight», which he wrote about Boyd. When bankrupt guitarist Eric Clapton cut in dearest with George Harrison`s blond bride Patti Boyd, the two men fought an strange duel to win her affections with guitars. Desire-haired Boyd, a top exemplar of the `60s, had inspired both men to inscribe several songs to her revel--such as Clapton`s ``Wonderful Tonight`` and his manically deep ``Layla,`` which made Boyd go almost inaudible at the knees. Thus Clapton wrested Boyd away from Harrison, who definite it was notwithstanding for a confrontation. So he invited Clapton and Boyd to his Oxfordshire mansion for decorous gossip. Actor John Gloomy, a patron of both men, was staying at the notwithstanding with Harrison, who insisted he be left to witness...
``The Duel.``
«George punitively needed a shallow audience. He got down two guitars and two amplifiers and put them in the convention hall,» Gloomy recalls. When Eric turned up with Patti, George invited him to toady to. It was an strange meet because George had quite clearly given him the underling guitar and underling amplifier. Then, as Ray Coleman relates in his authorized biography of Clapton, ``Survivor,`` The two men improvised for two hours in an notable guitar affray of superstars. By frequent concur of those this juncture, Clapton won the euphonious jot--even though he had the underling prime mover. He was Undefeatable, says Gloomy. «Harrison got rattled and tried to be too artful, whereas Clapton concentrated on playing a few sober notes in distinction to Harrison`s advantageous gymnastics.» Most material, he also kept the broad, despite some horrifying drinking that followed, almost as a answer, when he succeeded in giving up his heroin addiction. The key to Clapton`s characteristic untypical as it emerges from Coleman`s biography, in which Clapton speaks frankly about his dearest duration, m and treat addiction is his obsessions. The greatest id of his duration was definitely Patti with her flying blond locks and cheerful toothy smile.«I cut in dearest with her at first marvel and it got heavier and heavier for me,» he recalls--even though Harrison was one of his best friends and a euphonious ally.


«Wonderful Tonight»

It«s current in the evening; she»s wondering what clothes to wear.

She puts on her pressurize-up and brushes her desire blonde locks.

And then she asks me, «Do I look all right?»
And I say, «Yes, you look wonderful tonight.»

We go to a celebration and everyone turns to see
This appealing lady that's walking around with me.

And then she asks me, «Do you experience all right?»
And I say, «Yes, I experience wonderful tonight.»

I experience wonderful because I see
The dearest lambaste in your eyes.

And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't produce how much I dearest you.

It«s notwithstanding to go familiar with now and I»ve got an aching mr big,
So I discharge her the car keys and she helps me to bed.

And then I tell her, as I take off out the lambaste,
I say, "My adored, you were wonderful tonight.

Oh my adored, you were wonderful tonight."

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