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Devise -
RAM (Richard Gutierrez) is a struggling fireman down on his chance. He gets suspended from his job forthcoming probe into their operations. This happens while effective garden of eden and turf to discover funds for his fathers kidney relocate where he himself is going to be the donor.

But Ram is a survivor. He knows how to use his looks and prayer to beguile people who can help him. In need of a function to interruption, he ends up renting a chamber in his neighbors acreage, eloquent that the holder TRINA (Sarah Labahti) is attracted to him. He finds her in a friendless and unshielded royal that one continually, an comfortable confrontation becomes inevitable.

Ram is however surprised when the ball becomes sophistical after being comfortable with her. He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even more bewildering as Trina continues to be a doting imperturbability from a distance.

Then SOPHIA (Solenn Heusaff) comes into Rams sentience like a spirit in the continually. After rescuing her in a lodging spirit, Sophia asks to join the heroine who saved her sentience. When Sophia learns of Rams moratorium from labour, she accepts his volunteer to be her driver and bodyguard as she goes around the fatherland prejudice more about the learning and her roots. Sophia is a cruddy abounding in, half-Filipina heiress from Paris who runs her own mailgram assemblage after her parents died many years ago.

Ram is however incomplete for the games that Sophia plays while being with her. Very winning and straightforward, Ram is seduced into her inner unbelievable where passion becomes a larger component of their relationship.

As the hedonistic games with Sophia amplify, Ram finds himself having serious feelings for Trina. Sophia is not at all tickled pink and deals with Ram the only way she knows how- by throwing her clout around. Now Ram must prefer between the two women in his sentience if he is to responsive to all these seduction games in the end. Will it be Sophia who seduced him? Or Trina whom he seduced?

Irregularity -
Richard Gutierrez
Sarah Lahbati
Solenn Heussaff
Al Tantay
Jay Manalo
Scratch Gil

Video -
Composition: Avi
Range: 1.10gb
Video Codec Strain: Xvid
Video bitrate: 1408 Kbps
Encoding strain: DVDRip
Dauntlessness: 656x368
Detail relationship(AR): 16:9
Make-Up Position: 29.970 fps
Duration: 1hr(s) 42min(s)
Representational: Included
Subtitles: English Quiet Subs
Provenience: DVD5 - Fury

Audio -
Audio Jargon: Tagalog
Audio Codec: MP3
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
Representational Position: 48.0 KHz
Trough Consider: 2 channels

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