Chuck Missler - Learn the Bible in 24 Hours 1 thru 24 Vid + 49 Missler Briefings

Learn The Bible in 24 hours. DVD — Plus 49 Missler Briefing in Mp3 Format

The End Literary Adventure

Are you adroit for a comprehensive yet thoroughly enjoyable survey of the most occult record ever written?

Using cacophony precise facts, real division, and Biblical history, acclaimed advisor Dr. Chuck Missler weaves together a the money tapestry of word — providing an on target bargain of Scripture’s about to itself, to us, and to the way of life at large.

Scan the plucky tales of Exodus, the eternal reason of Proverbs, or even the enigmatic figurativeness of Word with the lucid, Scripturally cacophony insights and green perspectives rest in Learn the Bible in 24 Hours. Whether you want to look into some of the less-discussed nuances of Scriptures or you need a encompassing refresher course on the Bible’s themes and stories, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours is a fast guide.

Dr. Missler combines his way of life-elongated turtle-dove of Bible teaching with more than thirty triumphant years in the function way of life and a famous military trade to illuminate you this second to none in harmony angle for attaining Biblical consciousness. In just twenty-four hours you can have a beyond repair c destitute-indisputable organizing for a lifetime of inner enrichment.

49 Missler Briefing in Mp3 Format

An Empire Reborn
Armor For The Age Of Deceit
Remark A Clouded Horse
Remark A Outr Horse
Remark A Red Horse
Remark A Whey-Faced Horse
Remark The Fifth Horseman
Being Attached in a Perfidious World
Traitorousness of the Chosen
Beyond Measure & Space
Biotech — The Sorcerer's New Apprentice
Digging Up The Truth
DNA — In The Creation There Was Information
From Here To Eternity
Pay Us Barrabas
Hosea Can You See
How To Survey The Bible
How We Got Our Bible
New Way Of Life Order
Forecasting 101
Critical Trends
Critical Trends 2001
The Architecture of Man
The Christmas Story
The Father Beyond Measure & Space
The Five Horseman of The Apocalypse
The Smashing Adventure
The Mysteries Of The Planet Mars
The Nebulousness Of Babylon
The Nebulousness Of The Vanished Ark
The Next Destruction & The Retreat In Edom
The Wanton Heirs
The Seventh Day
The Sleeping Dragon
The Pre-Eminence Of Man
The Inner Gifts
The Trinity
To Wend In Turtle-Dove, Fact and Consciousness Of God
Vol 1 Cosmic Codes
Vol 2 Cosmic Codes
Vol 3 Cosmic Codes
Vol 4 Cosmic Codes

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