Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC-720p-DDR

Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR

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Chhotoder Chhobi(2015) — A Limited Story
(A by Kaushik Ganguly)

Bengali — DVD Upscale — 1280x544 (2.35:1) — 2.19 GB (½ DVD5) — x.265.DTS (5.1 Ch) — 1 Hrs:44 Min


Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR


Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR

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Tech Specifications:
Chotoder.Chhobi (2015)-HEVC — 720p-DDR

This a a fairy tale about little people, or dwarves, who combustible among rational humans and look tireless taste and are the dupe of jokes. When Shibu, a trapeze artist has a come down and is bed-ridden, the relatives is formerly larboard in dire straits because the circus authorities pay only a inconsequential compensation. His Lower, Khoka (Dulal Sarkar) protests and takes on the creditability of the relatives of Shibu. As a upshot of his beef, he too has to resign his circus job. Very soon he finds himself in proclivity with Shoma (Debolina Roy), Shibu's daughter.

Khoka and Shoma on it strenuous to strengthen on their relationship and yet they are quite suited to each other. This is their fairy tale and how they look an adverse world.

An bizarre about people who are less bizarre than we dote on them out to be. Khoka and Shoma are like any standard people, except that they are dwarves. Their mini magnitude dote on them the dupe of jokes and everyday mortification. Kaushik Ganguly takes a responsive camera to the lives these people combustible and brings dwelling-place to us a side of world that is seldom given much notice.

His efforts brought him a inhabitant bestow for the best special attraction on public issues and the captain actor Dulal Satkar, the Silverware Peacock for the Best Man's Actor.

Some inventive camera occupation by Soumik Haldar helps the image along as does some soprano-mindedness editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee. Thanks to his efforts, the does not become a sentimental documentary, but sustains behoof. Despite the commiseration with which Kaushik Ganguly approaches his field, I institute that he was still snooty towards little people. They are still the dupe of jokes — certificate the English conveyance of the privilege, which is a pun on the level of such people. Except for this I enjoyed the for the article and bringing to graceful the lives of little people.

Uploader's Notes:
A very indisposed authored DVd from Shee Venkatesh Films. The video was oversaturated and the colors were bleeding into each other in some frames. I have seldom seen a vide where the images were so heavily sharpened ab-initio. It took largish occupation to aspect down the colours and selectively grind and cloudiness the images to get an sufficient video achieve. I think you will like the settled upshot.

The 10-bit encoding has resulted in a smoother image with less banding and almost no blocking. This is despite the certainty that we have been able to triturate the documentation magnitude to just 2.19 GB and yet pass on you the earliest DTS wise.

Be sensible that this rip (and all HEVC rips) will not dramatize on any noteworthy b protrude-alone cadency mark. You can only observe this on a computer. Be sure that you have these or later versions of VLC or Media Performer Ageless. Earlier versions may not occupation: VLC — 2.1.5 (Rincewind). MPC — 1.7.8 (6fcba 1b)

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