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Millennium: A Thousand Years of History

Account Documentary hosted by Ben Kingsley, published by CNN broadcasted as divide of CNN Perspectives series in 1999 - English narration


Participate With CNN«s MILLENNIUM for a scenic wipe out over the last 1,000 years, watching the people, events and achievements that shaped the the fallible race. The 10, one-hour episodes of MILLENNIUM are lovely in their pass over of perspective and compelling in their launch. Yet MILLENNIUM is neither chronological nor all-encompassing. Instead, it is eclectic, a composite of things enormous--or ashamed--that sculpted the the fallible race. Each of the 10 episodes of MILLENNIUM focuses on a fasten on century, brought to existence by five vignettes from five different locations worldwide. Inspired by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto»s paperback, «Millennium,» and filmed in 28 countries, the series is as geographically far-ranging as the the fallible race it covers. Its producers and crews burnt- more than two years and traveled 100,000 miles aggregation footage. MILLENNIUM reconstructs the visual images of days of old ages using this footage, along with rich re-enactments and computer-generated unambiguous vitality.

Series Concept : Ted Turner
A Jeremy Isaacs Motion for CNN Productions, Inc.

5) The Fifteenth Century: Century of the Cruise
China set out to reign over the seas. These new m ventures were hellishly lucrative, but after 30 years Ming bureaucrats forbade further voyages and deserted maritime imperialism. Europe was torn by polite war, but the megalopolis states of northern Italy produced a cultural tantrum known as the Resumption. The Medici prince, Lorenzo the Fine, dominated and adorned Florence, nurturing painting, figurine, metrical composition, music, and architecture. Greater than any European megalopolis was the Tenochtitlan, the Aztec first-class on the neighbourhood of what is now Mexico Megalopolis. Built on marshland in Lake Texcoco, the well organized megalopolis was supported by m over tremendous distances, the Aztec gods placated by chunk fallible giving up. The Ottomans took drop of the shortcoming of the Byzantine empire, conquered Constantinople, and turned it into the first-class of their empire. Mehmed the Conqueror«s manor house included a harem for 2.000 women, stables for 4.000 horses, 10 mosques, 14 baths and two hospitals. The cookhouse could pasturage 5.000 or 10.000 on holidays. There were many enormous voyages of the 15th Century including that of Vasco de Gama»s idea of a avenue to the Indian Deep Blue Sea and Christopher Columbus crossing the Atlantic and back.


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