Chasing the Dragon - Documentary (HD) {irish444}.mp4

Chasing the Dragon — Documentary (HD) {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (52 Mins.)

Chasing the Dragon

We all know about China«s rife thriftiness, but what about it»s booming illegitimate panacea trade? With unprecedented access to China«s panacea squads this doc uncovers the large illicit smuggling across China»s borders, the country«s rocketing panacea alluring and how it has become a key roots of illegitimate narcotics for adjoining countries. With drugs exploding out of a newly insouciant Myanmar, a greedy developing thriftiness, a new and ever increasing drugs way of life, and the wonderful-profits that come from the markets in developed countries; it»s become a popular and permitted way of life blow up for Chinese authorities.

A lady emerges with her 2-year-old son, hardly the shop-worn quarry for a search, but the drugs troop is in packed waver and no one is beyond apprehension. She reveals a bag containing handfuls of condoms filled with «Ice» — a methamphetamine that is infiltrating the Chinese dinner party picture. «Do you have any more?» She shakes her chairlady, looking anxious as her babe innocently giggles in the cv. Hardly a big-way of life disgraceful, this lady is yet another hazard of the disgraceful groups who are advance to chance everything for a duo of hundred dollars. Here where the pleasant countryside of Yunnan hicksville meets the Myanmar lie alongside is the frontline of China's war on drugs.

It«s a relatively new fact for China, but with it»s growing affluence, its panacea way of life is skyrocketing: «The consumers are mainly callow people. Among them, it can order a good-natured of way of life — a smoking subculture», Professor Wu Jiang explains. Seizures of Metamphetamine on the borders are up 26% and panacea reciprocal misdemeanour is up 20% on last year, while there are 6 times as many panacea takers as 20 years ago. In wonderful-cities like Shanghai, the partying callow are driving a booming hawk into so-called recreational drugs. «If you are going to base a municipality to champion the panacea pursuit in China it will probably look like Shanghai. This capital is an affluence factory». It's hospice to 23 million people and is a large new hawk for the panacea dealers of the Gilt Triangle and beyond.

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