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Dino Pursue: Canada

Art Documentary hosted by Dan Ackroyd, published by UKTV in 2015 - English narration



Dino Pursue: Canada
Dino Pursue Canada is a new 4-role documentary series that tells the fishing of six teams of Canadian fossil hunters who unearth some of the most conspicuous dinosaur finds in the dialect birth b deliver. Their expeditions take viewers to some of the most stupendous locations in Canada, from the red sandstones of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy to the moonscape of the Canadian Badlands in Alberta.

1) The Horned Dinosaur Mysteries
In northern Alberta scientist try to diagram out what killed an undiminished swarm of dinosaurs in one detonate. In southern Alberta another gang of paleontologists search for the skull bones of what may be a name brand new species of horned dinosaurs.

2) Cutlers Surrender and Flying Dinos
In the Badlands of Alberta a gang searches for 100 year old dig put — to the remains of a 73 million year old armoured dinosaur. In BC setting a paleontologist two tries to airlift a 4000 kg skeleton out of a recondite setting.

3) The Become Apparent of the Dinosaurs
In the Bay of Fundy, scientists search for the earliest dinosaurs; a gang in British Columbia tracks dino-prints up a pickle their heels face.

4) The End of the Dinosaurs
In an effort to empathize with the Extinction fishing, Alberta, scientists look for the skeleton of a rare horned dinosaur, while in Saskatchewan a gang the fossils of the last dinosaurs to flounce the Earth.


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