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Jimmy Episode and Robert Fixtures — Most Great [promo].VOB

Very HQ rare promo music video from a promo DVD. «Most High» is a commotion by Jimmy Episode and Robert Fixtures from the studio album Walking into Clarksdale, released through Atlantic Records in 1998. In 1999, the commotion won Episode and Fixtures the Grammy Bestow for Best Impenetrable Stun Behaviour. It reached one on the Billboard Mainstream Stun design in May 1998.

Walking into Clarksdale is a studio album by Jimmy Episode and Robert Fixtures, both formerly of English stun pack Led Zeppelin. It was released by Atlantic Records on 21 April 1998. Walking into Clarksdale took 35 days to . The album was recorded and contradictory by Steve Albini. The fix «Most High» was awarded a Grammy Bestow for Best Impenetrable Stun Behaviour in 1999.

Clarksdale is a borough in the Mississippi Delta, a recorded dwelling of Delta blues music.

The album debuted on the Billboard«s Billboard 200 album design at No. 8, while reaching No. 3 on the UK Album Design. The fix «Most High» reached No. 1 on Billboard»s Mainstream Stun Tracks design.

Jimmy Episode and Robert Fixtures, both formerly of the English impenetrable stun pack Led Zeppelin, recorded and toured in the mid — 1990s under the right Episode and Fixtures. The mate re-merged in 1994 and, after recording a well famous first album, they embarked on a to the max outing. They then recorded a second album, followed by another to the max outing, before disbanding at the end of 1998. They later fleetingly reunited in 2001.

The plans for a reunion were made in 1993, with discussions between the two of collaborating emerging from cool petite talk and then an invite to discharge on MTV Unplugged. Music canada entrepreneur Invoice Curbishley, who had been managing Fixtures since the 1980s and who suppositional administration of Episode in 1994, was essential in the reuniting of Episode and Fixtures. Despite failed attempts by others to reunite the mate, Curbishley was able to dispose the in days of old count on Fixtures into working with Episode again. In an to he gave in 2004, Episode recounted the grounding:

I was going to take part in in Japan with David, the only experience we played unexploded, and I had a attend from Robert«s administration to pop in and see Robert in Boston on the way to LA to report. Robert said, «I»ve been approached by MTV to do an Unplugged and I'd really like to do it with you», so I said OK. It gave us a happen to revisit some numbers and use that same model with a very, very different frame.

Plant's impression of the reunion was as follows:

By that experience I didn«t regard like I was even a stun choir member anymore ... Then I was approached by MTV to do an Unplugged term. But I knew that I couldn»t be seen to be holding the weaken for the Zeppelin legacy on TV. Then mysteriously Jimmy turned up at a gig I was playing in Boston and it was like those demanding last days of Led Zep had vanished. We had this wisdom again without doing or saying anything. We talked about the MTV aspect and incontrovertible to see where we could take it.
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