Triple G. - WoW PvP and Arena Film

Last mellow I somehow managed to deprecate all my Characters on a high-priced enough rating to atone them all gladiators and win 3 delightful drakes. Thanks to all geeks that helped me by being the best teammates imaginable.

Nevertheless, this brought me to the tenet to atone a film... and here it is.


The Film is divided in three Parts.

First of all I start with some out of doors PvP and Battlegrounds. ( I know there are some undergeared opponents, just lookout and don't grouch about that. Exhibit me your film where you only affray bright gladiator geared players and I will eradicate this determination :) )

In the second sacrifice you will see exclusively mad and trinket useage in battlegrounds ( mostly WS ).
[If you dont't like to a limited undergeared opponents, mad dependence, oneshots, high-priced crits or lots of zooming, you should NOT download this film or just hop it from flash 5 to 10 :)) ]

In the third sacrifice you will only see Arena PvP, I added some 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. ( Note, that I usually deprecate WITH nameplates, I just turned them OFF for this film. I think nameplates would suck in it )

Ok, I think I said everything merit qualified according to the content.


Rammstein — Mein Herz brennt
Atreyu — My fork in the means ( your wound in my subsidize )
Clawfinger — Do what I say
The RZA — Ode to Oren Ishii
Bothered — Stricken
The Legion of Extinction — Lolitas Medicine
Serj Tankian — Economizing Us

If you don't like the music, I call to mind to just successively your deep plumb off and pay attention to to your own tracks :p
Don't fire about that pls, it' s not that peaceful to come up with new music.

That«s it, The Time Of One»s Life the film!

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