Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

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(A motion picture by Sekhar Das based on a Whodunit by Rabindranath Tagore)

Bangla — WEBHD rip — 720x304p (2.35:1) — 705 MB — x.265.AAC (2 Ch) — 2 Hrs:17 Min


Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]


Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR] Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

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Jogajog (2015) WebHD HEVC x265 AAC 1CD [DDR]

The Chatterjees and the Ghoshals have a bicker sustained into generations. Once upon a values bright and early, the Chatterjees phoney the Ghoshals out of their inherent village, but times have changed, and the aristocratic Chatterjees have fallen into dark times. They are earnestly in responsibility to Madhusudan Ghoshal and are phoney by circumstances to bond their daughter Kumudini to him, even though she is much younger to him.

Kumudini, a saintly gal, goes to her husband«s quarter, strong-willed to clear out the best of the circumstances, but is repelled by his coarseness and by his flaunting of his richness. Her disrelish grows, as he plainly flaunts his concubine, shyama to her kisser. The last straw is when he forces himself upon her. She can take it no longer and leaves him to reparation to her brother»s retirement community.

But she is still not unrestrictedly of him, for she learns that she is productive with his teenager. The people now tells her that her proper is in her husband's retirement community, much against her yen to be unrestrictedly. Yet, Madhusudan too has changed. When Shyama leaves him, he realises that he needs Kumudini and asks he to come back..

Tagore set this novel in the 1870«s. Shekhar Das brings it to 1970. Despite the universality of Tagore»s messages, this alteration makes it devotedly to proper the events in own point of view. Women were not as oppressed in the 1970«s as a century earlier. There were new opportunities breach up and the authorized defence was much much more. It may not be times, but Kumudini of 1970 could never be the Kumudini of 1870. And that is where the screenplay falls unmistakable. The attitudes of Madhusudan, of Kumudini, her sisters-in-laws and almost everyone else are those of a gone and forgotten era. By the 70»s, the be all and end all of women had ceased to be her wedding. Women had started to approach self-government. Kumudini«s contumacy would not be an dirt shaking at any rate, even if it were not something passe.. Also the whodunit of old people graciousness and nouveau riche had also started to run out of its sudden dividing lines. Bengali people was still in alteration, but the centre had changed. What remained is Tagore»s apprehension for the r of women in people and his oppose against marital sack and these are concerns that are reflected in Sekhar Das' motion picture as well.

Having said that, there are some comminuted performances. Bratya Basu as Madhusudan is as a matter of course abominable, Subhalagna as Kumudini is dim-witted in the well-spring, but as the motion picture progresses she comes into her own. Locket Chatterjee excels as normal in a supporting r. Saheb Chatterjee does well as the dominated inexperienced fellow-creature. But, of all the actors, my pick would be Anannya Chatterjee as Shyama Sundari. She portrays a choice of emotions. Sometimes erotic, often amoral but very exposed. He jealousy is partly motivated by her uncertainty. Its really a accomplished portrayal.

Debojyoti Bose has given us some very tuneful bhajans from Meera and Chandidas. I considering the motion picture was a bit too eat one«s heart out and needed some more strong-willed editing. Indraneel Mukherjee»s camera drudgery is a wish to behold.

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This rip is a downsizing from an earliest web squint of 1080p. The provenience was obedient, but you will like the way in which component has been enhanced. I have also muted the raffish colouring of the earliest a bit. The HEVC encoding helped in compressing the video into just 1 CD and yet enhancing component.

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