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Programmed to be Fat

Condition-Medical Documentary hosted by David Suzuki, published by CBC broadcasted as in the name of of CBC The Kind of Things series in 2012 - English narration


Programmed to be Fat? (HDTV)
Are we fat because of man-made chemicals?
New body of laws links environmental chemicals to the broad plumpness pestilence.

Moot new body of laws is raising dubiety that chemicals in the situation may be programming us to be fat. And it starts before we«re even born. That»s the thesis of a new documentary called Programmed to be Fat?
Programmed to be Fat? tells the stories of three scientists whose unexpected findings led them to track the dig into of a meddlesome doctor in Scotland, baffled by her ineptness to shake off incline. For three years she pored over existing dig into on environmental chemicals and done published a key work in an alternate medication memoir. It linked endocrine-disrupting chemicals to the plumpness pestilence. The scientists came across the assignment while enigmatical over their own dig into results. None of their studies were about fat, but they had two things in proletarian — they were all researching endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and they all ended up with unusually crucial lab animals.

Endocrine disruptors are all around us — in imitation, in cans, in the open-handedly we the sauce, in the edibles we eat. They«re not intended to countersign our bodies, but they do. If they»re proven to cause incline increment, the implications for somebody condition are profound.


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